Extremely hard dungeon solo in 6 hours – who needs friends when he has time?

An MMO like World of Warcraft is actually played with others, but it is not a must. The player Iway proves that even for a Mythic +17 dungeon you don’t really need a group.

WoW - World of Warcraft

When players run out of challenges a game offers, they simply create new ones. So also the World of Warcraft player Iway. He thought it would be worth trying to march alone through a Mythical +17 dungeon.

It was actually a long march that he needs for his run through free port 6 hours and 47 minutes. Of course, he recorded the whole thing in a video. You don’t have to watch me for 5 hours as Iway hits trash mobs, the video shortens the run.

From the two-digit levels of the mythical dungeons, it actually becomes a task for a group of 5, but for Demon Hunter it’s not necessary yet. As tanks, they can not only put something away properly, but also have a lot of possibilities to heal themselves. Vengeance demon hunters in particular can survive for a very long time and thus win tough battles. It only takes seven hours.

If you are interested in Iway’s talents and equipment, you can find them at Raider.io. There you can also see that he was a little lucky with the affixes. Bloody creates puddles that do damage and heal enemies, and Boosts increases HP and trash mob damage. However, these and the other affixes only extended the run.

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How World of Warcraft came about

What he actually lacks as a tank, he got through the Corruption effects Clear again. By wearing corrupted items, both positive and negative effects can be accumulated to get more out of character.

Still, Iway died 57 times. But he had the dedication and time to not give up and achieve his goal. For that alone he can be admired.

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