Facebook and Microsoft have made statements condemning Apple's guidelines regarding game streaming – WePC

It may be entertaining to see how these massive billion dollar companies are trying to profile themselves as outsiders and make public statements by making such statements. As nice as it would be for every user to get any app or service they want on any device they want, navigating the world of high-level business strategies and platform games will never be so easy, and if Microsoft and Facebook really believe it be so simple that I would suggest they are at least a little naive. So many aspects of Microsoft and Facebook’s business model are about keeping people and companies involved in their platforms and policies. How on earth is it any surprise to you when Apple does the same?

I don’t like Apple’s decision on this matter. I think it would be better if their users could access these apps and services on iOS devices, but this isn’t really a change in Apple’s stance. You always reserve the right to arbitrarily refuse publication for certain apps and games. Anyone who buys and uses an iOS device knows that they can only use it for functions that Apple allows. Microsoft uses the term “general purpose platform” to refer to iOS devices, but I don’t see any meaningful way that an iPhone is a general purpose platform and an Xbox console is not, and Microsoft has as strict guidelines as to what it can do on Xbox Apple to be published for their own app store.

Ultimately, these decisions are based on money, if not money in the short term, then money in the long term. Apple does not want to give up control over the provision of apps and games on its devices, and Facebook and Microsoft want to transfer their service to as many devices as possible. Perhaps these two goals are completely at odds with each other and we will never see a solution. Or maybe some kind of friendly solution can be reached down the line. It’s a shame to see users get trapped in the middle, but as of today, neither side shows any signs of movement.

If Apple sees no risk of future sales of its devices, I cannot see that they are simply giving Microsoft or Facebook what they want here, nor do I think that Facebook or Microsoft would fundamentally change the services they offer, to match Apple’s strict restrictions. I think this will remain a stalemate unless streaming games proves to be such an important technology in the future that Apple will suffer reputational damage if it does not participate in its development and use. Or maybe, if we saw legal interference, maybe before EU courts.

In the meantime, the message reads: If you want to use game streaming services or apps or services that Apple does not approve, either opt for third-party devices or wait in the hope that this happens Deal can be reached .

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