Facebook joins the Linux Foundation

Facebook makes up its mind and takes the plunge. After spending years contributing to all kinds of Open Source projects, Mark Zuckerberg’s company joins the Linux Foundation, to which he will go on to contribute as a “platinum” member of the organization.

Somehow, Facebook has made official something that has been taken for granted for years. The multinational is one of the companies that have contributed the most to strategic projects such as the bookstore React for Javascript, or the Open Compute Project, which aims to build an open hardware data center. In addition, he is also contributing to the working group Linux’s cGroup2 which aims to develop better software for container technology.

As a platinum member, Kathy kim, Facebook’s director for open source projects will join the foundation’s board. An engineer with more than 20 years of experience in the Open Source world, before coming to Facebook she had worked on similar projects for both Google and Microsoft.

The truth is that despite its “problems” when it comes to managing the privacy of its users and certain business practices that have put it in the eye of the hurricane, the company’s relationship with open source software is impeccable and in fact , is the maximum contributor to some of the projects promoted by the Linux Foundation itself, as is the case of Presto, GraphQL, Osquery and ONNX.

On the other hand, it has put its own Open Source projects in the hands of the community, among which its program of machine learning PyTorch or its “Data for Good” program that puts a large amount of data of all kinds in the hands of research centers to face such serious problems as global warming or COVID-19.

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