Facebook Messenger will be much more secure with the new changes

Facebook Messenger has become one of the most popular applications in Spain these months, thanks to their group video calls, which we can even start from WhatsApp thanks to their call rooms. The application introduced a new improvement this week in said group video calls, since users are now given the possibility to share the screen with others.

It is the turn of a new update, which is currently released for iOS, but that leaves us with improvements that will come to Android as well. Possibly the most important improvement in Facebook Messenger is that the application will support fingerprint lock or facial recognition.

Facebook Messenger improves your privacy

Facebook Messenger app lock

App Lock is the name of this feature, which adds a layer of privacy and additional protection to your messages on Facebook Messenger. The application will allow you lock and unlock the app using biometrics, be it the fingerprint sensor or the facial recognition of your phone. This will prevent others from entering the app without your permission, as is already possible on WhatsApp.

This will allow you to directly use the fingerprint or face registered on your phone to access the application. You will be able to access it in the settings section, in the new Privacy section. The application debuts a section for privacy, where we find a series of new settings in it.

Facebook Messenger will have this new privacy section, where we can block other users, configure this App Lock function, manage who can see our stories, manage silenced stories. In general, it seeks to give the user greater control over their privacy and by having everything in one section, it is much easier to manage all these options. It will simply be within the settings of the app.

These new privacy settings and support for fingerprint lock or face unlock are now official on Facebook Messenger, although only in its iOS version. In this version you can already access this function from today, updating the application. Android users have to wait a few months yet, as confirmed by the company in its advertisement. No dates have been given yet, so we’ll have to wait for more news.

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