fails to build customer loyalty

The Cupertino company does not get accounts with Apple Arcade. The service fails to maintain its users and there are fewer and fewer registrations.

On September 10, 2019, Apple surprised us by launching a different service than the rest. A mobile video game platform that allowed us to play a large number of quality titles for approximately 5 euros per month. At Andro4all we tried Apple Arcade and although we sincerely liked it, it seems that today he is not living his best moments.

Because not everything that glitters in Apple is gold even the firm of the bitten apple can go wrong. Yes, their iPhone is the best-selling terminal in the world, their iPad is unrivaled and their AirPods are a real success but the truth is that with Apple Arcade it seems that they have not found the keyboard and for that reason they want to rethink their future strategy.

Apple Arcade fails to start, is the future of the Cupertino platform in jeopardy?

RedMagic 5G Call of Duty: Mobile

Surely if Apple Arcade had a Call of Duty it would be much more successful.

As reported by Bloomberg, Apple Arcade is canceling and denying many of the titles that arrive to be introduced on the platform. As the company explained at the time, Apple Arcade would only get quality games without microtransactionsHowever, this policy does not seem to be working at all.

The point is, Apple Arcade isn’t hooking people. Because yes, a user pays a month, the game that interests him is passed and it is deleted. Apple Arcade games – some very simple and others with high quality – are not games that hook a player for a long period of time. Let’s take the example of its star game, Oceanhorn 2, a Zelda-style game that could perfectly be on consoles and / or computers. What happens with this game is that we enjoy it, we spend it and there is nothing more to do, therefore we delete ourselves from Apple Arcade.

So the company of the bitten apple wants to end this subscription dance and wants to get titles that manage to catch the players. How? A representative of the firm cited Grindstone, a puzzle game with many levels and with which Apple seems to be in love. A very long game, with many phases and that would manage to catch users for a long time. Something like Candy Crush but without the limitation of lives.

The problem is that with this Apple Arcade would become a casual gaming platform, ** a type of game for which users are honestly not willing to pay a monthly subscription **. Because to play puzzle titles the truth is that there are hundreds and free in any mobile application store and honestly, I prefer to pay for another type of subscription such as Google Stadia or PlayStation Plus since their games have infinitely more quality.

Apple Arcade does not look good at all and it is that we cannot deny that today there are too many subscription services and in the end you have to filter. What is preferable, Pay a subscription for music and series or video games on mobile? The answer is surely clear to all of us.

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