"Fallout" gets Amazon series from "Westworld" makers

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© lassedesignen – Fotolia.com

The creator duo behind the celebrated Sci-Fi series is dedicated to a new project: The new series is based on the dystopian video game “Fallout”.

In the science fiction western “Westworld”, people play cowboys and Indians in a futuristic amusement park with humanoid robots. Now the creators of the series are again dealing with futuristic dystopia and game showdowns – but in a slightly different direction. Because Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy from Kilter Films are working with Amazon Studios and game developer Bethesda on a series adaptation of the computer game series “Fallout”.

“Fallout” takes place in a post-apocalyptic time after a nuclear war in 2077. With their Amazon project, Nolan and Joy want to film “the hardness of the wasteland in contrast to the utopian idea of ​​the previous generation of a better world through atomic energy”. The series will try to maintain the “rough tone” of the games, but will also ensure that it is still “peppered with ironic humor and B-movie nuclear fantasies” that the players of the “Fallout” franchise know and love.

According to Todd Howard of Bethesda, many ways in which Fallout could be filmed have been considered in the past decade. “But from the moment I first spoke to Jonah and Lisa a few years ago, it was clear that they and the Kilter team would do it right. We are huge fans of their work and couldn’t be more excited to work with them and the Amazon Studios. ”

It is not yet known when the series will be shown.

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