"FameMaker" starts on ProSieben with special programming

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Stefan Raab and ProSieben team up again for a TV show. For the “FameMaker”: make the best of it.

A music show with no sound? Only Stefan Raab can come up with such an idea. The all-rounder and face of “TV Total” wants to put together a talent show of a special kind with ProSieben: The three “FameMakers” Carolin Kebekus, Luke Mockridge and Teddy Teclebrhan are looking for the best musicians in the country. There is only one catch: You have to show that you can recognize great potential without sound.

“FameMaker” will start with a special program from September 17th: on Thursdays and Saturdays at prime time, the candidates will be on the large TV stage – under a soundproof glass dome. The “FameMakers” see their performance but don’t hear the singing. Only when one of them decides on a candidate does the dome rise and the voting secrecy is revealed. But once decided, there is no turning back: If supposed singing talents turn out to be weird birds, the “FameMakers” still have to get the best out of them and stage a performance with them in the big live final on October 1st. In the end, only one jury decides: the TV audience.

For the first time since the lockdown, ProSieben is producing a show with an audience. In limited numbers and in compliance with all specifications and requirements of the authorities and the Robert Koch Institute, viewers may be present at the recordings of “FameMaker”. Tickets in a very limited number can be found at Brainpool-tickets.de.

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