Family alarms are the latest for Google speakers

With mobile phones we have become accustomed to each member of a family having their own device. Obviously in countries like Spain, the United States and much more, this is the case, although in others there may only be one device per family.

But even in the richest countries we have seen how smart speakers have become appliances that by design are used less personally. They look more like a television than a phone.

That is why the new feature that Google has started releasing on their Google Home and Nest makes a lot of sense.

Family alarms reach Google speakers

Family alarms are the latest for Google speakers

This new feature has not been officially announced but some users have already seen it appear in their Google Home application linked to their speakers.

Google’s idea is set reminders that work for the whole family, such as one for homework, for dinner or for gymnastics for example.

It is a way to remind us of certain tasks without having to be aware of a calendar or an agenda. In addition, using the Google assistant is something that we can manage from the mobile or from the speakers.

In fact, when we set an alarm we will be asked to set the day and time, but also the speaker we want it to sound on. At the moment it is not possible to be emitted by a group of speakers, something that would be perfect for larger houses.

Family alarms are the latest for Google speakers

When the alarms sound we will receive a notification to the mobile and they will appear on the screen of the speaker that we choose, in addition to sounding for it.

This feature seems designed for those families who have a little trouble getting organized. Hopefully it will reach all users soon.

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