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Fan test 2020: Stiftung Warentest winner and recommendations

Fan test 2020: Stiftung Warentest winner and recommendations

When summer gets really hot, it can hardly be endured in many offices or in your own four walls. It’s good that fans bring a breath of fresh air into the booth. Different versions provide cooling, both at home and on the go. GIGA presents the best models and explains what to look for when buying.

Buying advice

The best fans 2020: All test winners and recommendations at a glance

Placement Product price Offer
Table fan – test winner Stiftung Warentest: Maeco Fan 1056 approx. 100 euros Watch at Otto
Pedestal fan – test winner Stiftung Warentest: Honeywell HSF600WE about 90 euros Watch at Otto
Tower fan – test winner Stiftung Warentest: Koenic KTF 100 about 70 euros Watch at MediaMarkt
Price-performance winner: Clatronic VL 3603 approx. 28 euros Watch on Amazon

Fans provide an immediate remedy for the relentless summer temperatures. Unlike air conditioners, fans do not replace warm air with cold air, but they are a simple and energy-saving alternative. The evaporating sweat on our skin creates a pleasant cooling with the air circulation created by fans. The ambient temperature feels cooler and at least makes heat a little more bearable.

Bench fan test winner: Maeco Fan 1056

Meaco 1056 table fan

Meaco 1056 table fan

The table fan Maeco Fan 1056 convinced not only in the fan test 2020 of the Stiftung Warentest with the grade 1.8 “good”. Its particularly low-noise operating volume, good energy efficiency and pleasant air flow are also praised in user ratings. With just 20 dB volume, the summer heat can be easily fought overnight. If you don’t like the cold breeze while sleeping, use the integrated automatic switch-off.

There is a lot of power behind the small table fan with a total of twelve power levels. It manages to ventilate a room of up to 50 m². Thanks to the adjustable head, it can be aligned horizontally as well as up and down. With the remote control included in the product scope, you can also do this very comfortably from the sofa.


  • particularly quiet
  • pleasant airflow
  • energy saving


Pedestal fan test winner: Honeywell HSF600WE

Honeywell HSF600WE4 pedestal fan

Honeywell HSF600WE4 pedestal fan

The Stiftung Warentest also awarded the grade 2.3 Honeywell HSF600WE as “good”. The standing fan can be extended from 100 cm to 120 cm if necessary to set a comfortable ventilation height. The Honeywell is oscillating, so it moves in the typical swivel movement of a fan. With an oscillation angle of 70 °, it also covers large rooms well.

A remote control can be removed and inserted at the back. The automatically dimmed display light is particularly positive. With the timer and QuietSet functions, it is also suitable for night-time applications. At least for the moment: the engine remained quiet as the operating time increased, but an unpleasant squeaking of the automatic swivel mechanism intensified as the service life increased.


  • automatic dimming
  • removable remote control
  • pleasantly quiet


  • Operating noise after prolonged use

Tower fan test winner: Koenic KTF 100

KOENIC KTF 100, tower fan, 45 watts

KOENIC KTF 100, tower fan, 45 watts

Like almost every current model of tower fans, the tower fan is also Koenic KTF 100 safe for curious children’s hands and looks modern. The large LED display not only shows the set power level, but also the current room temperature. With a total of three speed levels, the Koenic counteracts the heat with horizontal rotary movements.

The optional increasing and decreasing wind force is intended to simulate a natural wind. This counteracts the perception of an unpleasant draft, which is often caused by the use of fans. In addition to the positive attributes of tower fans, it also has its classic shortcoming: the base is unstable, which makes the rotary movements shaky. The Stiftung Warentest awarded the grade 2.1 “good” for the model.


  • Display with temperature display
  • simple, modern design
  • pleasant volume with good performance


Price-performance winner: Clatronic VL 3603

Clatronic VL 3603 S standing fan

Clatronic VL 3603 S pedestal fan

With its unbeatably low price and adequate functionality, the Clatronic VL 3603 including the title Amazon’s Choice. With no frills, this pedestal fan does exactly what it should do: cool it down.

With three power levels and a swiveling head, he does it reliably. Prejudice cheap fans, which cause unpleasant plastic smells or a high noise level, it counteracts with a neutral fan and a smooth running motor. The stand alone makes the Clatronic a shaky affair.


  • quick and easy setup
  • simple but good workmanship
  • pleasant operating volume


The best fans in 2020: that’s how we chose

The three different types of fans were tested in edition 06/2020 of the Stiftung Warentest. Six table fans, seven pedestal fans and five tower fans were examined. A test winner resulted from each category. The overall grade provides information about a final test winner of all fans tested.

The function of the tested fan is particularly important, with a 40 percent influence on the overall rating. With a 30 percent influence, the volume, the handling with 25 percent and the construction and safety with 5 percent were included in the overall assessment. Everyday situations were simulated for the evaluation. We have also researched the practical relevance of the results in the form of user reviews, contentual discussions and typical problems on the Internet.

Buying a fan: what you should know

Before making a purchase decision, various questions should be answered in order to find the best model for your personal needs. The type of fan plays a crucial role. The effect remains the same: The device generates an air flow that reduces the temperature that is felt. We explain the advantages and disadvantages of the individual fan types in the following section.

Table fan

As the name suggests, these types of fans are used on the table. They look like small pedestal fans and donate air in a small space. They are often set up in the immediate vicinity, such as the desk, to cool them down. Their compact size and light weight are advantageous for mobile use.

They are unsuitable for (small) children and pets. If the grid in front of the rotor is too wide-meshed, objects can get into the device. There is also the risk that even hands can reach through the grille.

Pedestal fan

The pedestal fan is the big brother of the table fan. It has a larger head and a longer base. They are powerful and are designed for cooling in an entire room. With the help of oscillation, the horizontal swiveling, a wide-ranging whirling is ensured. A particularly quiet device should be used for the bedroom.

Pedestal fans are as dangerous for (small) children and pets as table fans. The devices are often tall and light and can therefore fall over quickly.

Tower fan

It is similar to a pedestal fan, but differs in appearance and function. Tower fans do not have a round, rotating rotor for the creation of the cool breeze. Instead, an air pump and a lamella construction ensure air movement. Due to the missing rotor and the often closely meshed fins, they are a little safer to deal with children. Tower fans are often preferred due to their modern and slim appearance.

Ceiling fan

Ceiling fans are probably the most space-saving and harmless variant. They are attached to the ceiling and rotate there for pleasant air circulation in the room. They are often a combination of a fan and a ceiling lamp. Since they are connected to the power cables of the ceiling lamp, they are operated with the light switch.

Ceiling lamps usually have a summer and winter mode. The summer mode circulates the air to cool down. In winter, on the other hand, the warm air is carried to the floor. This saves heating costs in the long run. It should be noted that ceiling fans need a minimum distance of three meters from the floor. This is only the case in very few households.

Mini fan

Mini fans can be found in different versions. Usually a battery is integrated, which allows use inside and outside the apartment. Your battery is recharged using an adapter on the socket or a USB cable. The product size is particularly compact and small, making it perfect for on the go. However, they shouldn’t be expected to perform too well. They do not replace a table, floor or tower fan.

Fan vs. Air conditioning: what’s the difference?

While fans with the air circulation ensure a more pleasant perception of the ambient temperature, air conditioning systems work with an air exchange. This means that air conditioning systems are more effective than fans and replace the warm room air with cooled air. However, fans offer many advantages, especially in terms of installation / construction and operating costs. The most important information can be found in our air conditioning test 2020.

Buy fan: you should pay attention to this

Scope of application: Table fans are sufficient to ensure cooling at the desk. If an entire room is to be refreshed, a standing or tower fan must be used. For children and / or pets, a ceiling fan is the safest option.

Room size: Most manufacturers already indicate the room size for which their product is designed.

Swivel head: Many fans have an automatic oscillation. In addition, the swivel head on some devices can be aligned manually in the horizontal or up and down. With some devices, just pressing a button on the remote control is enough.

Power consumption: A look at the power consumption of the fan saves unpleasant surprises in the hot summer. Fans with four instead of three blades need less power to generate the same amount of wind.

Stability: The footprint of the fan should be large so that it is stable and does not tip over so quickly.

Volume: A particularly quiet device is required if the fan is to be used in the bedroom.

Odor: A chemical smell that does not evaporate is not just an odor nuisance, but is basically an alarm signal and indicates toxins in the material.

Remote control: Additional remote controls for the fan, which can be conveniently controlled, are not elementary, but are practical.

Cleaning: The rotor blades of the fan must be regularly cleaned of dust in order not to end up as a dirt spinner.

More functions: A timer, a quiet function or a temperature display on the display are helpful additional functions. For whom it is a must, should pay attention to appropriate functions.

Buy countercyclically: When the summer is hottest, fans are in high demand and therefore more expensive. If you need a new one anyway, it’s best to buy it in cooler seasons.

Fans against corona?

Dr. Valentyn Stadnytskyi of the US National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD has shown in his research that the aerosols that form during speech, i.e. tiny droplets of moisture, are infection carriers for the Sars-CoV-2 virus. You can stay in the air for up to eight minutes. While there is only a small risk of infection in outdoor areas while observing common clearance rules, this is different indoors. Here, fresh air should be provided through open windows and sufficient air circulation – this dilutes the aerosol concentration in the air and reduces the risk of infection. Fans are helpful to increase the air circulation and to transport the aerosols outside. So you can assume that fans also help indirectly against Corona.

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