Far Cry 6 accidentally announced early on PSN HK

Well, whoopsie daisies. It looks like someone at Sony jumped a little here when the store page for this previously unannounced new entry in the long-standing Far Cry series was released early by Playstation Hong Kong. It has been removed now, but not before we looked at it. Far Cry 6 will be the next Far Cry game and it will star Giancarlo Esposito as shown in this promotional graphic for the game:

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It’s obvious that the Far Cry series in the last few posts has really focused on presenting compelling bad guys who focus on strong acting. Indeed, it is so obvious that I called it last week when we heard that he was working on a game when I said:

“I think he would be perfect for playing a Far Cry villain, especially since the series has been so focused in the last few posts on delivering convincing villain performances.” It would also be a nice allusion to his show colleague Michael Mando, who played the fantastic villain Vaas in Far Cry 3 before starring in Better Call Saul. “

We will undoubtedly get the official unveiling during Ubisoft’s live stream event scheduled for this weekend, along with perhaps a first look at the gameplay. However, we have a few interesting details as mentioned in this shop list.

Playstation owners may be happy to hear that you buy Far Cry 6 at least once for digital copies and that you can access either the PS4 version or the dedicated PS5 version, depending on the system you use. The same applies to the Xbox version and is not particularly relevant on the PC, as you never really have to pay extra to get options like higher resolution or performance.

According to this store listing, we’re looking at a release date for February 18, 2021. So for the time being it’s quite a break. Of course, publication dates can change due to a variety of factors. However, as soon as pre-orders are available in the Playstation store, the date has largely been set. It is unlikely that it is just a placeholder date.

The game takes place in Yara, a “tropical paradise frozen in time”. Here is the premise:

“Anton Castillo is definitely trying to get his nation back to its former glory, and his son Diego is following in his bloody footsteps. Their ruthless suppression has sparked a revolution. “

Sounds like a very similar premise to some of the previous Far Cry games, but hopefully they’ll find a way to redefine them.

Ubisoft has some problems with leaks these days because there are also recordings of the new Assassin Creed. It won’t be long before this message is officially released on Ubisoft Forward. I wonder if anything will leak in the meantime.

Far Cry 6, which was accidentally announced early on PSN HK, first appeared on WePC.com.

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