Farewell to Fusion Drive: Apple updates iMac series

First of all: No, the switch to Apple Silicon is not yet taking place. But as already expected, more Macs with Intel processors will appear – especially the iMac, many are already eagerly expecting a new model. Today is the day, Apple updated its entire iMac lineup on Tuesday evening. The new models are available now. Apple pays the most attention to the 27-inch device, but the iMac 21.5 “and the iMac Pro are screwed a little – with an emphasis on little.

The Fusion Drive is buried

Apart from new and faster hardware, the new iMac 27 “can be said to be a kind of paradigm shift in a way. Because while the exterior of the model still has the tried-and-tested design, some screws are turned inside. So Apple buries the 27- Customs model, for example, the already somewhat overdue Fusion Drive, because only new SSDs are installed in the new version.

New screen, full HD camera, better microphones

There are also innovations in the display. True-Tone technology is used for the first time on the iMac 27 “, so the iMac screen can adapt the color temperature to the ambient light. As with the Pro Display XDR, there is also an optional nano-texture glass that is intended to significantly reduce reflections. The new one also has iMac 27 “is a full HD camera and, as Apple calls it,” a ring of three studio-quality microphones “.

Up to ten processor cores, new AMD graphics

But now to the core of the new iMac, the processors. 10-generation Intel processors are now used in the 27-inch model. Depending on the version, these have six to ten processor cores. Once again, AMD graphics cards are used. In the cheaper models a Radeon Pro 5300 with 4 gigabytes of video memory, in the more expensive models a Radeon Pro 5700 XT with 16 gigabytes of video memory is available.

The new iMac contains 27 “8 gigabytes of RAM as standard. Whether or not you can easily upgrade it yourself is not clear from Apple’s information. However, a product image suggests that the flap for installing RAM is still on the back The SSD is dimensioned in the cheapest model with 256 gigabytes and can be expanded to up to 8 terabytes.

Prices remain stable

The new iMac 27 “is not shocking in terms of price. The three basic configurations cost just as much as before. However, it should be mentioned that all three models in the standard version have less storage space due to the change from Fusion Drive to pure SSDs. The SSD portion Fusion Drive was also extremely marginal recently. Overall, Apple seems to have delivered a usable update with the new iMac 27 “.

Little new in the iMac 21.5 inch

The 21.5-inch model has done significantly less. Everything seems to be the same here, with the exception of the SSD storage. Because all Apple iMacs are now equipped with SSDs as standard, including the smaller model. In the past, HDDs were sometimes installed here. And while it was completely abolished on the 27-inch model, the Fusion Drive lives on as an optional upgrade on the 21.5-inch device. The prices of the iMac 21.5 “remain the same.

More cores for the iMac Pro

All good things come in threes, the iMac Pro also gets a small update. The innovation here is limited to a stronger processor. Because the standard version of the iMac Pro now uses an Intel Xeon processor with ten cores, previously an 8-core was installed. There are no price changes for this model either.

Switch to Apple Silicon

This is the first time Apple has presented new Mac hardware since it announced it would switch to Apple Silicon at the end of the year. The question of how long Intel support will be maintained is more pressing than ever. Because every buyer must be aware that the purchase of current Macs is an investment in a hardware platform that is no longer available in the short to medium term.

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