Fast and affordable charging with these cables and charger from UGREEN

We can almost take for granted that the next iPhone will not have a charger in the box, so looking for a more affordable alternative than Apple’s is imperative. This UGREEN charger and cables will allow you to recharge your iPhone, iPad and iPad Pro quickly for much less money.

18W fast charger

The charger that is included in the box of the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max, as well as the one that comes with the iPad Pro 11 and 12.9 inches has a charging power of 18W and is of the USB-C Power Delivery type. Exactly the same specifications have this UGREN charger that will allow you to quickly recharge (50% in 30 minutes) any compatible iPhone as well as any iPad Pro model.

It is also compatible with any other iPhone model that does not support fast charging, but in this case it will perform a normal charge, similar to what you get when you use the conventional iPad charger and a normal USB cable. Of course has all the necessary protection measures, and when it detects that the iPhone is fully charged it idles to avoid damaging the battery.

Its price is € 11.99 on Amazon (link) but if you use the code FLRNKQ3A the price will be lowered to € 10.79 (valid until August 31)

USB-C Power Delivery Cables

A fast charger is useless if you don’t have the necessary cables. Not only should they be cables with the USB-C connection, but also must meet the Power Delivery standard so that they can carry all the necessary charging power to our device. And if those cables are made of braided Nylon, then better than better, it even seems that Apple would already opt for this type of cables in the next generation of iPhone.

This USB-C to Lightning cable is perfect for any Apple device with this connector, and of course it supports Power Delivery. Its Lightning connector is angled, which is very comfortable for many situations and prevents the cable from bending at the junction with the connector, which is the cause of most broken cables.

The UGREEN USB-C to Lightning Cable is available on Amazon in 1 meter lengths for € 15.99 (link) and 2 meters for € 16.99 (link). With the IP9SWZIE code the 2 meter cable is reduced to € 15.29 (until August 31).

With the same characteristics we have the USB-C to USB-C cable, necessary for our iPad Pro or Apple’s MacBook, since it has a maximum charging power of 60W. It also has the angled USB-C connector, which makes it very similar to the old Apple MagSafe, and tremendously comfortable to use on the iPad Pro with or without Magic Keyboard, or on our laptops.

The UGREEN USB-C to USB-C Power Delivery Cable is available on Amazon in lengths of 0.5 meters for € 6.99 (link), 2 meters for € 10.99 (link) and 3 meters for 12.99 € (link). In addition, if you use the code NRLZUBJA, the 0.5 meter cable is reduced to € 6.29 (until August 31).

UGREEN also has a Telegram channel where you can see their offers in Spain and Italy (link)

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