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The so-called notification panel is the best window to know at a glance what is happening on our smartphone. In it we can have precise and instant control over alerts, open applications, time, pending updates and other important information, which in this way is recorded in a single site. Opening the notification panel is as simple as swiping from the top of the screen, but the Samsung galaxy have a hidden trick to make it faster.

Our phones are full of tricks and hidden functions, which are sometimes difficult to detect. And it is because on many occasions you have to dive through menus and submenus until you can find the option in question. It is the case of the trick to be able Faster access to the notification panel on the Samsung Galaxy.

Open the panel by sliding your finger

Generally, this option is done by swiping from the top of the screen. However there is a faster method and that will allow us to do it by sliding down from the home screen. In order to do so, we will have to enter Settings and then enter the Screen Settings. Now we just have to look for the switch that activates the function and is called “Quick open the notification panel.” Once activated we can test the function by going to the start menu and sliding down with your finger.

fast open notifications panel samsung

Also with the fingerprint sensor

We also have an alternative and equally valid method to activate the notification panel. For this we can do use of the fingerprint sensor of our mobile, either the fingerprint sensor located on the back as in most mid-range or entry-level Galaxy, or the side fingerprint sensor, of mobiles such as the Galaxy S10e. However, the option will not be available for those who have an on-screen fingerprint sensor.

fingerprint sensor gestures on samsung

In this way, we can slide our finger up or down to activate the notification panel with the fingerprint sensor. For this we enter once more in Settings / Advanced Functions and then we enter “Movements and Gestures”. Now we will see the option “Gestures for the fingerprint sensor” and we must activate the switch so that the option remains operational. Now we can unlock the terminal by posing the finger normally, but quickly activate the notification panel by simply swiping up or down with the finger inside the sensor.

Written by David Girao

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