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Price, features, release date and everything we think we know about the Microsoft Surface Duo.

Microsoft debuts with Android in 2020. Following its announcement in October 2019, the company is now ready to launch your Microsoft Surface Duo, a foldable device, hybrid between smartphone and tablet.

Over the months, we have been able to gather a lot of information about this device, whose arrival at last seems imminent, and we already know almost all the Surface Duo data, from its characteristics, to its possible price.

Microsoft Surface Duo

Surface Duo, Microsoft’s first Android device.

What is the Microsoft Surface Duo

The company itself said of this device, which many call the “Surface Phone”, that it’s not a phone. But the truth is that his first Android foldable device it adopts some of the features that we have seen in models like Samsung’s Galaxy Fold.

Whatever name Microsoft wants to give to this category of devices, the reality is that it is a terminal with two screens joined by a central hinge, which when deployed allows you to use both panels independently, or as if it were one in the style of a tablet.

It is also, Microsoft’s first device with Android inside. In fact, Microsoft has collaborated with Google to adapt the operating system to these types of devices and make the dual-screen experience consistent at all times.

In this sense, both companies have worked to adapt applications so that they support this dual screen format. This will allow run multiple apps individually on each screen, switch between one panel and another smoothly or play using the fact that the device can be folded, like a Nintendo DS.

SUrface Duo

The hinges on the Surface Duo allow the terminal to be folded to either side.

It is also necessary to mention that Surface Duo is not a folding mobile with a flexible screen as are the Galaxy Z Fold 2 or the Galaxy Z Flip, since each of their screens is independent and they are not joined.

And it is not the first device on the market with this format. In the past, there have already been at least five folding screens with double screens – and all of them ended up failing sooner or later.

Possible features of the Surface Duo

Microsoft has been somewhat reluctant to share the features of the Surface Duo ahead of time, probably because its technical data sheet may still change.

Still, some of its specifications were revealed weeks ago. This is what we can expect:

  • Screen: 5.6-inch double with 1,800 x 1,350 pixel resolution and 4: 3 format
  • Surface Pen compatibility
  • Thickness: 92.525mm wide, 145.17mm high and 9.6mm thick when unfolded
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 855
  • Battery: 3,460 mAh with fast charging via USB Type C
  • Operating system: Android 10
  • RAM: 6 GB
  • Storage: 64 or 256 GB
  • Cameras: 11 megapixel rear

It is worth bearing in mind that these characteristics are not final, and it is very likely that they will end up being somewhat different in the final edition.

Other details that are rumored about this device are the lack of NFC and wireless charging, two features that many could consider essential in these times, especially if we talk about a device like this.

Microsoft Surface Duo release date

Another piece of information that, for now, has not been disclosed, is the Surface Duo market launch date. Therefore, we still do not know when the device will go on sale.

However, recently the Surface Duo has been certified in the FCC, which implies that their arrival should be imminent. All the rumors point to that its launch will take place between September and October of this year.

microsoft surface duo

This is the rear of the Surface Duo.

How much will the Microsoft Surface Duo sell for?

It has also not been confirmed What will the price be to whom the device will go on sale.

We hope that, like the rest of the Surface series devices, the Duo is in the segment premium From the market, so we’re probably not talking about a cheap terminalprecisely.

However, if its filtered characteristics end up being the definitive ones, we would be talking about a terminal with a technical sheet more typical of a high-end of the year 2019 than of a current one, and its price should not be too high if Microsoft intends to make this terminal a best seller.

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