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Lowi’s additional lines allow you to add additional lines that allow you to have gigabytes and minutes on one line linked to the main owner. What Lowi’s additional lines do is that they allow you a secondary line with the same cumulative gigabytes or minutes on call as the main line. When can we hire them or what options do we have? Price, etc.

Since when can you contract lines?

Lowi additional lines are available since June 5, 2020.

Who can hire them?

Any Lowi customer of Fibra + Móvil can contract it. It cannot be contracted if you are only a mobile client in the operator or fiber. It is necessary to have the combined fiber + mobile and once you have it you can add the additional lines from My Lowi on the website or the application or calling number 121 to hire him. Lowi has no permanence so you can unsubscribe the lines whenever you want.

You can hire up to four additional lines in total for each owner.

What additional lines are there?

You can add several types of additional lines depending on the main one you have. They have the same characteristics as the main one but cheaper:

  • If you have contracted Fibra 300 MB + 12 GB + Unlimited calls you can contract additional lines with 12 GB and unlimited for 9.95 euros per month.
  • If you have contracted Fibra 300 MB + 25 GB + Unlimited calls you can contract up to four additional lines with 25 GB + Unlimited calls for a total of 9.95 euros per month and four lines contracted in total.

There is an additional third line that it will cost you only 3.95 euros a month and that it is compatible with any contracted fiber rate. This line allows you to have 3GB of data and calls at 0 cents per minute. The gigabytes are accumulative but you do not have unlimited minutes or calls, you will have to pay for them.

Share and accumulate megabytes

All gigabytes of Lowi’s additional lines are accumulative. That is, if you do not spend them for one month, they will be added to the following month so that you never run out of data. They will accumulate for one more month and will be the first you spend. There is a 25 GB limit accumulated per month and 150 minutes (in this case we are not interested in the minutes since we have unlimited calls) The remaining megabytes you have from the previous cycle will be the first ones consumed. Once they are consumed, you will begin the active billing cycle.

Another option that Lowi allows us is to share megabytes with other lines. They do not necessarily have to be lines that share the owner, but only Lowi customers are required. You can share with a maximum of ten friends each month and in blocks of 200 MB and with a maximum total of 10 GB of shared megabytes. The person you share it with will need to spend them before the cycle ends and shared megabytes don’t accumulate. Plus, it’s free to do so.

How to hire them

If you have already contracted a fiber and mobile package, you can access the My Lowi section from your account to contract the additional lines:

  • Go to your My Lowi account
  • Login with your data
  • Go to the menu on the left
  • Tap on the Improve your product option
  • Among the new options, choose “Add mobile lines”


If you are not a Lowi customer

The first thing you will have to do is call 1456 to hire at Lowi. Or you can do it by buying a fiber + mobile product and hiring it from the website itself. In the process of buying a new client you can add additional Lowi lines in case you need it and want to have them.

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Contact customer service

If you have any questions about Lowi’s additional lines and don’t know what to do or how to do it, you can contact us by phone for free:

  • If you are not yet a customer, in 1456
  • If you are a customer, call 121
  • If you are abroad, dial +34611456456

You can also contact through social networks:

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