Fiber 100 Mbps and Orange TV Total, price and conditions new rate

In Spain we have fiber optic-only rates, mobile-only rates or converged rates with fiber, mobile and / or television. However, we do not have fiber and television products, having to contract the mobile phone in order to access these services. That’s what Orange wants with its new rate. In this case, it is the first proposal on the market to enjoy access to fiber and all television from just over 60 euros per month. We give you all the keys to the New rate after the jump.

Innovate in the market of telecommunications in Spain it is not easy since it seems that everything is made up. Despite this, Orange has managed to devise a product that its audience may have. The truth is that many people ask about the possibility of having fiber and television without having to hire a mobile phone. For this, the French operator has prepared the following rate.

Fiber 100 Mbps and Orange TV Total

Orange explains in the presentation of the rate that it wants to offer each client the offer that best suits their personal needs. For this, the French operator now launches the only option on the market with fixed-only access that also integrates the operator’s wide range of television, including all football.

orange tv

The price is 60.90 euros per month with a 12-month commitment to stay. This includes the fiber connection, the landline and the Orange TV Total television. Regarding fiber, we have a connection Symmetric 100 Mbps, that is, the same speed of descent as of ascent. On the landline, we will have unlimited calls to national landlines, in addition to 1,000 minutes to mobiles. The product can also be hired in ADSL and Indirect fiber.

On television it will be the package Orange TV Total Which consists of:

  • Orange TV Cinema and Series, more than 50 linear channels (including the main DTT) and more than 40,000 contents on demand. On-demand services (AMC Selekt, AXN Now, Fox Now or Cosmo ON) and Orange Series channel.
  • Orange TV Soccer, to watch LaLiga Santander (1st division) and LaLiga SmartBank (2nd division) along with all the matches of Real Madrid and Barcelona in 4K.
  • Orange TV Soccer Champions League, with the Champions League and the Europa League.

According to the operator, contracting this package represents annual savings for the customer of about 360 euros a year if we compare it with the separately contracted price of all these services.

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