fiber 5 Gbps and 220 channels for 29.99 euros

Free is an operator that has always attracted us and that we have talked about on several occasions. Without going any further, in 2017 it already offered unlimited mobile data for 15.99 euros per month. A year later Free Delta arrived with 8Gbps fiber optic with television with 280 channels and Netflix for 50 euros a month. Now, they have just launched a new television tuner that is part of their renewed offer.

So the Freebox Pop combo pack

Free, a subsidiary of Iliad, has released its latest version of the Freebox, in this case version 8. This will be offered in a triple combo package priced at € 29.99 for an entire year and then € 39.99 forever. The name of the new device is Freebox Pop and it is an Android TV decoder with support for Google Assistant and Chromecast, in addition to compatibility with Dolby Atmos.


This is accompanied by a router with the same rounded shape that includes inside WiFi 5 MU-MIMO. This can be completed at any time with a WiFi repeater capable of creating a WiFi Mesh network to bring wireless coverage anywhere in the house. At the connection level, Free offers us FTTH of 5 Gbps download and 700 Mbps upload.

To date, the non-premium packages From the French operator they had 1 Gbps speed, while the most complete package reaches a whopping 10 Gbps speed. In addition, your VoIP landline offers free national calls along with international calls to 110 countries around the world.

On television, the decoder gives access to 220 channels and has a new interface named Free by OQEE. Customers can add additional subscriptions to Canal +, Netflix or Amazon Prime Video at any time. At the recording level, we have 100 hours in the cloud.


Finally, we will have access to the summaries of the french league until 2024 Completely free or the possibility of adding a mobile line with 100GB to browse for 19.99 euros, which will actually be 9.99 euros during the first 12 months of the promotion. A maximum line per household can be added.

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