Fiber and mobile rate promotion for 35.95 euros Amena: 40GB

Amena decided to respond to Lowi and a company with a new fiber rate of 100 Mbps and 20 gigabytes of mobile in exchange for 35.95 euros per month. Baptized as the TARIFÓN de threat, this modality did not enter the summer promotions of the operator that is part of the Orange Group. As they did on other occasions, the gigabytes to navigate in all mobile rates have increased considerably. However, today they have announced that they will also double the gigabytes of their cheap fiber and mobile rate this summer. We give you all the keys after the jump.

Amena’s fiber and mobile offer now has three options, with the tariff being one of them. This is the cheapest for 35.95 euros, having another with two mobiles (20GB + 7GB) for 40.95 euros and a third with 30GB for 45.95 euros. These last two modalities have the summer promotion that allows them to offer until September 30 a total of 40GB or 60GB respectively.

Amena’s rate with 40GB to navigate

On June 1 we met the Más Gigas de Amena promotion, an old acquaintance of the summer that serves to increase the ability to navigate the rates so that customers can enjoy even more of these summer dates. Now, the operator has decided to extend that benefit on RATE of pleasant that, for 35.95 euros a month offers Fibra + Móvil with unlimited calls, and now goes from 20GB to 40GB until September 30.

summer 2020

This improvement is applied in a automatic and the customer will not have to do anything to enjoy the promotion. Once the end date of the promotion is reached, the additional gigabytes will disappear from the rate and you will have the usual data again. Of course, we do not rule out that Amena decides to make the gigs of any of the tariffs definitive, as has already happened on other occasions.

Amena’s mobile rates with promotion They are configured like this, including the latest novelty that applies to its 35.95 euros rate with fiber and mobile:

  • Calls to 0 cents and 5GB (+ 1GB free) for 6.95 euros
  • Unlimited calls and 7GB (+ 2GB free) for 9.95 euros
  • Unlimited calls and 15GB (+ 3GB free) for 14.95 euros
  • Unlimited calls and 40GB (+ 15GB free) for 19.95 euros
  • Unlimited calls and 60GB (+ 30GB free) for 24.95 euros
  • The Fiber + Mobile Rate (the “RATE”) 34.95 euros that goes from 20 GB to 40 GB

What do you think about Amena’s summer promotions?

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