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Fiber optics reaches rural Spain thanks to Adamo and his ambassador, Jesús Calleja

Fiber optics reaches rural Spain thanks to Adamo and his ambassador, Jesús Calleja

A multitude of fiber optic lines have been deployed in the most remote places of the peninsula.

  • Jesús Calleja has joined the Adamo team to provide fiber optics to rural Spain.
  • “Come back to connect”, a unique campaign to boost rural municipalities with less population.
  • An investment of more than 250 million euros to connect to the worst communicated towns in the country, digitally speaking.
  • Only the authorization of 30 neighbors is necessary for Adamo to start the project to install fiber optics in the municipality.
  • Each month, more than 25,000 new rural households enjoy fiber optics in their homes and businesses.

Jesús Calleja and Adamo, a telecommunications company, have joined forces, becoming the famous adventurer in brand ambassador and thus bringing fiber optics to rural areas with less inhabitants of our country.

Jesus Calleja

Jesús Calleja wants rural areas to be as connected as urban areas in the future.

He popular television presenter has wanted join this initiative after spending many years fighting so that in the towns there can be the same internet connection with which we have in large cities. Jesus Calleja, that between journey and journey continues to have its home fixed in a village in his native Community, Castilla y León, claims to be the first to has noticed this lack in rural from Spain, since he himself has been in the situation of having to work from home and not being able to due to a bad or non-existent Internet connection.

A commitment to the integration of rural in telecommunications

For his part, from Adamo they are very clear that your fiber and mobile offers they are universal and they are designed to give priority to rural areas in which the country’s large telecommunications companies have not wanted to invest in resources and facilities. This summer, the company has launched a great offer of fiber and mobile: 1,000 Mbps Internet Fiber and 9 GB of mobile for only 21 euros per month for the first three months.

Connected mountaineer

High mountain areas often lack coverage, but will soon reach every corner.

Thanks to a new round of investment of about 250 million euros, the company intends get your fiber optic services to the towns with the least inhabitants of our country.

So, you want provide the same opportunities to rural populations, so that they can have the same Internet connection that they would have in any city, in addition to any person being able to consider move there without giving up your online job.

In this sense, Jesús Calleja insists in the need to take into account those people who, living in the rural, neither want nor have to give up a Internet connection high quality.

Around the rural world

During this year 2020, the whole country has experienced an exceptional situation which has caused a radical change in the way of life of many people. After this situation, there have been many people who have seen the great advantages of living in rural municipalities, moving away from the cities and valuing much plus outdoor space and the possibility of accessing nature directly.

In this sense, many of these people who have made the decision to moving to rural towns have come across a barrier that the inhabitants of these municipalities have been suffering for years: lack of internet connectivity.

Office worker in the field

Can you imagine doing your office work from the field outdoors?

Therefore, Adamo has wanted to step forward and, together with his new ambassador Jesús Calleja, encourage all rural communities to join this new project they have named “Come back to connect”.

High speed fiber optic for any municipality

In this project “Come back to connect” with which Adamo and Jesús Calleja want value the rural world, work is also done to be able to carry High speed internet to any core municipal request. Thus, practically any municipality, regardless of its number of inhabitants, will benefit of installing a fiber optic lines fastest on the market, with 1,000 Mbps.

And it is that, at this point, you cannot allow the high quality of life what is in rural areas, go into the background due to its bad connection with the digital world. I eat well Jesus Calleja summarizes in one of his interventions “Los towns lacking a good internet connection, they are increasingly incommunicado; however, thanks to this Adamo campaign, we can change totally the situation

What can Adamo fiber optics offer to rural regions?

The main advantage offered by the Adamo company regarding Internet connections in rural areas, is that guarantees at all times a stable connection, of high quality and with the Maximum speed. In this way, you can consume audiovisual content in streaming, keep videoconferences without cuts, access the work and education platforms online without any problems or play video games that need an Internet connection, among many other alternatives.

Farmer with his tablet

The inhabitants of rural areas are abandoned by the Internet, but little by little this situation is changing.

Thus, they are guaranteed the same characteristics of connection equality, with the highest quality and conditions equal to or better than those that could be found in any urban population center. Furthermore, on the other hand, with this campaign it is enough that 30 residents of a municipality agree to start a joint petition, so that Adamo gets to work on the project to bring the best Internet connection to that area.

Adamo CEO praises the work of Jesús Calleja as brand ambassador

Martin Czermin, the CEO of the company, has praised the work adventurer and television presenter Jesus Calleja at the forefront of the campaign “Come back to connect” and as brand ambassador. And it is that Jesús Calleja, in addition to spending a large part of his time traveling and creating audiovisual content, is a strong defender of the rural world and the great quality of life that these towns offer to all kinds of people.

Furthermore, Jesus is a highly committed person care and respect for nature, without implying having to renounce the great advantages that the digital age. Therefore, Martin Czermin has stated that “We share those valuesprinciples and concerns with Jesús Calleja. He gets give visibility to the people who live in the villages. Definitely, Jesús Calleja is the ideal ambassador for Adamo. Our commitment is to collaborate with him and, joining forces, improve people’s lives who live in rural areas ”.

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