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File manager APK

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File manager APK: The powerful file manager application for Android devices comes at no cost. The fully functional application is something that can help you manage your store easily. You can find almost any form and file using a file manager apk that will quickly do the search on your behalf.

File manager supports full navigation, search, paste, delete, rename and bookmark different files. The application also allows the users to organize the contents of the file so that it is easy to find when needed.

What is File Manager APK?

Download the latest version File Manager APK
Download the latest version File Manager APK

File management APK is getting more and more popular eventually because it can support so many functions. It helps manage the storage space of the smartphone and ensures that it removes the junk files that are not needed, wiping out the memory of your device.

File managers have always been essential for gadget users. Whether you are using files on a desktop tablet or a mobile phone, there is still a requirement for a good file management application that can ensure smooth access to your computer’s archives.

As the name of the application suggests, file management applications give you all the efficiency to manage the data stored in the form of files on your device. The user-friendly interface helps you handle any file or folder with a space in your device. You can save the data in the cloud storage or micro SD card to use it for different purposes.

File information

Name File manager
Type MOT
Size 4.74 MB
Version v1.9.3
Compatible devices Android, PC and iOS
Last updated July 2020


  • The application is located in the central storage such as SD card or OTG of the device.
  • It can also take place in the external or internal storage of the mobile phone.
  • One can easily download images, videos, files and documents using file manager apk.
  • Remote remote access allows you to share save files remotely.
  • You can access Android device storage from PC to manage data in local storage.
  • One can also analyze the local storage space to delete useless files.
  • The amount of space of each file can also be identified with the file management apk All in One application.

How to download and install File Manager APK for Android?

  • File manager for Android works exactly like the management software that works for the desktop operating system.
  • It is not available in the Google Play Store, but must be downloaded from our website or other external sources.
  • Once installed on the device, it becomes easy to open the respective applications that are otherwise difficult to launch.
  • You can select any file by dragging it a little longer and then editing the corresponding requirements.
  • Any record to be deleted can be quickly sent to the trash that is provided as an option after the file is selected.
  • Copying files is not faster because the supporting application comes with three symbols that enable the copy function on your smartphone.

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