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Filmtastic: New Leonine streaming service starts tomorrow

by Tejas Dhawan

A new, independent streaming service awaits all film fans from tomorrow. As announced some time ago, Leonine starts its streaming service “Filmtastic” on its own platform.

Already in April the news was circulating that Leonine would like to offer its own streaming platforms Home of Horror, Filmtastic and Arthouse CNMA on its own websites and in the form of apps for subscribers. So far, the three offers were available as Amazon channels (DF reported). After “Home of Horror”, the launch of Filmtastic is now in the starting blocks. Arthouse CNMA is due to follow in August.

As the company announced, about 250 films and series should be on the platform at the start of Filmtastic. Up to four new titles are added every week. The range of offers extends across all possible genre boundaries. If you take a look at the page, you will see great visual similarities to Netflix when it is set up. Filmtastic has a whole range of classics on offer, including “Terminator 2”, “Pulp Fiction”, “Bang Boom Bang”, “Malcolm X”, but also relatively recent Hollywood films such as “Shutter Island”, “Snowpiercer” and ” The Nice Guys ”with Ryan Gosling and Russel Crowe. One focus should also be on the cinema of the 90s. In addition to “Sonnenallee” and “Clerks” there are also “Trainspotting” and “Homegrown” in the portfolio of the site.

To use the streaming service, you have to register on the Filmtastic website. The site can currently be used via browser and the iOS app. An Android app should appear shortly. After a 14-day trial subscription, (due to the VAT reduction) EUR 3.89 a month. After December 31, the price increases by 10 cents to EUR 3.99. The service offer should be completely ad-free.

An overview of the film offer can also be obtained without registration. Filmtastic is said to be usable on up to five end devices and, from the third quarter of 2020, will also be accessible via set-top boxes, consoles and TV sets.

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