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Finally better reception on Deutsche Bahn trains?

Finally better reception on Deutsche Bahn trains?

This Wednesday, Deutsche Bahn announces further billions in investments in the expansion of its own ICE fleet. For better mobile phone reception for passengers, the new trains are to be equipped with so-called frequency-permeable windows for the first time, as was previously known.

So far, all windows have been equipped with a heat-insulating metal layer, which also blocks out cellular waves. The signal is therefore routed inside the trains via so-called repeaters. The metal layer on the new panes is ground so that it allows all mobile radio frequencies to pass through.

This has several advantages: On the one hand, the windows are significantly less prone to maintenance. On the other hand, according to Deutsche Bahn, they are compatible with all mobile radio standards and do not have to be converted or retrofitted – for example, when the new 5G standard will soon be expanded. In the morning, Deutsche Bahn wants to present further details together with Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer (CSU) and Siemens’ deputy chairman, Roland Busch.

Despite the slump in passenger numbers in the Corona crisis, the state-owned group wants to maintain the capacity in long-distance transport. In addition to ordering 137 new ICE 4 trains, some 50 of which have already been delivered, the Group bought 17 used double-decker trains from the Westbahn at the end of last year. The Supervisory Board also approved the purchase of 30 additional long-distance trains.

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  • Railway: Deutsche Bahn AG / Volker Emersleben

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