Finally no more early access game – from now on you have to pay

In addition to Fortnite’s popular “Battle Royale” mode, there is also the “Save the World” survival mode. The developers have now decided to release it from early access status, you have to pay for it from now on.


Fortnite Save the World Leaves Early Access

Epic Games is pulling Fortnite: Save the world the “Early Access” sticker and officially announced that the co-op survival mode will be chargeable in the future.

The development of the mode is being rolled back on to concentrate the much more important part of Battle Royale. In the future you can no longer buy cosmetics by saving the world mode, but the old possessions in terms of skins are still available.

So that’s it with the Free2Play plans. Payment is now made with a new package system, the first one costs 19.99 euros. The metal representative package replaces the founder packages, but there are bonuses for owners of the old packages in the form of an upgrade to the next higher package level.

With the “venture” there are seasonal tasks that should increase the replay value, these are modifiers for the adventures. In the future, the seasons will be separate from Battle Royale and Save the World.

By the way, the marking as early access now also disappears from the creative mode and the Battle Royale. So is Fortnite a real game now?

Daniel Hartmann
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