"Finally widower": Joachim Król today as an excellent disgust package on ZDF

Picture: © ZDF / Corporate Design
Picture: © ZDF / Corporate Design

From Saul to Paul: A curmudgeon undergoes a major change in “Finally widower”. He just wanted his rest.

From lump of chunk to charmer in 90 minutes – that is the recipe for success of many comedies. Think Jack Nicholson in the US hit movie “It doesn’t get any better” (1997) or Rolf Lassgård in the Swedish film gem “A man named Ove” (2015). In the ZDF comedy “Endlich Witwer”, which is shown on Thursday at 8:15 p.m. on ZDF, the transformation was particularly successful. The film played a large part in the fact that leading actor Joachim Król won the German TV Award for Best Actor this year.

The tragicomedy staged by Pia Strietmann (“Blaumacher” on ZDFneo) has become very worth seeing. Thanks to a keen sense for overtones, bizarre humor and fine acting – as with Anneke Kim Sarnau as resolute cleaning lady Ms. Rückert – the production stands out from the uniform range of TV entertainment.

It is the story of Georg Weiser, an unsuccessful, ill-tempered and reckless producer of artificial turf who unexpectedly becomes a widower after he has just given in to his long-time wife’s divorce request. He has hardly any contact with his two children. You can see the attorney at the opening of the will, where the son (Tristan Seith) begins to sue his compulsory portion.

Weiser has no problems with this development. “I’m fine. I finally have my peace, ”he comments. He can keep the desired distance from the rest of humanity undisturbed. And so he clears out his 70s bungalow except for a large-screen television with an armchair and tons of beer in the fridge.

But the more and more neglected grouch has made the calculation without life and love. First of all, his daughter Susanne (Friederike Kempter) cannot see the misery and is looking for a cleaning aid for the father. Of course, that doesn’t fit wiser. The single parent Gisela Rückert bursts into the household uninvited to bring him up to scratch.

“This steamroller” is what Weiser calls the woman, who is as patent as she is attractive. And the most amusing part of the film begins, because according to the old screwball tradition, the two opponents throw funny dialog balls that also flash some true and sad background. Weiser is reminded of ideals of his youth.

And the thick skull played by Król relinquishes its isolation in order to save with the help of his son Ms. Rückert from a serious mistake in online dating.

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