Finally you can play Mario Kart Tour horizontally

Last september Mario Kart Tour launched for Android in Spain, an expected launch. The Nintendo game left with good feelings, although there was room for improvement. In these months after its launch, a series of improvements have been made to the game, with the introduction of multiplayer being the most important of all.

Although it was not the only thing that users expected it to improve in the game. An aspect that many missed in the Nintendo game was the possibility of playing mobile horizontally, since it can only be played vertically. Luckily, this is also fixed in-game.

Play Mario Kart Tour horizontally

Landscape mode will give users the ability to choose how they want to control cars: vertically or horizontally. This was a feature that was missed in Mario Kart Tour, but will be fixed in the next game update eventually. This will allow more comfortable control for many users.

In game settings It will have to be configured if we want to play in portrait mode, in portrait / landscape mode (that changes automatically when we rotate the screen) or in landscape mode. Each one will be able to select which option they want to use in the game and thus be able to play the Nintendo game more comfortably.

Tomorrow July 21 is when this landscape mode is launched officially in this game. Users can then start using it in their games. In addition, in the Exploration season it is available until July 29, so you can try it and take advantage of this new way of playing the title on Android.

Mario Kart Tour landscape mode

If you have the game installed on your phone, you just have to wait for tomorrow, when the update is launched for it, then introducing this horizontal mode. It is released in both the Android and iOS versions of the game.




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