Find your mobile even if you have it in silence with this trick

If you are one of those who always leave the mobile anywhere, with this tool you can find it even if it is silent.

“Find my device” is one of the best apps developed by Google so far, no doubt about it. Thanks to this application, you can locate the devices that you have connected to your Google account when they have been lost or stolen. The functions of the app do not end there, since you can also ring your mobile even if it is silent to locate it easily.

If you are one of those who always leave the mobile anywhere and then have serious problems finding it, you will know that the trick of calling is of little use when the terminal is silent. Fortunately, with this trick provided by Google, you can ring your phone even if it is silent. Next, we explain how you can do it.

Google Find my device

Google’s “Find My Device” feature helps you locate your mobile phone even when it is silent.

Find your mobile even if you have it in silence with this trick

Obviously, if you have lost your phone you cannot access the “Find my device” app. Fortunately, this service has a web version that makes all the functions available to you if you access from a computer. From there you can interact with your mobile as long as it has an Internet connection.

One of those functions is “Play sound”, which does ring your mobile at maximum volume even if it is silent. Thanks to this sound, it will be much easier to locate it if you do not know where you left it the last time. Step by step, we explain below how to sound that alarm to find your mobile even if it is silent.

1º- Go into Find my device of Google.

2nd- In the left side menu, click on the option “Play sound”. As you can read, this function will make the device ring for 5 minutes even if it is silent. After connecting with the phone, your mobile will start ringing.

Play sound in Find my Google device

Click on “Play sound” to make your mobile ring.

3º- After clicking on “Play sound”, you have the option to stop the sound at any time with the button “Stop playing”. In addition, from the mobile itself you can also end the playback when you have found it.

Find mobile silently with Google

Even if it is silent, your mobile will ring with this trick.

This is just one of the functions that make “Find my device” one of the most useful tools on Google. In addition to ringing your mobile, you can also locate it on the map, block it or delete all your data. Without a doubt, if at any time you lose your Android, this is one of the apps that can help you the most to find it or, at least, to minimize the damage caused by the loss.

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