Firefox 79 brings new pocket recommendations for German users

Mozilla is also expanding the availability of WebRenderer. In addition, the developers patch ten vulnerabilities, some of which are serious. Under certain circumstances, they allow the infiltration and execution of malicious code.

Mozilla has released the final version of Firefox 79 for download. The release primarily eliminates security-related bugs. The WebRenderer function is also available to other users. In this country, users also receive more recommendations via the Mozilla service Pocket.

The GPU-based 2D rendering engine WebRenderer is designed to improve and accelerate the display of websites, including animations and other visual effects, while relieving the CPU. With Firefox 78, the developers had the function for computers Windows 10 and GPUs from Intel unlocked. The update also extends WebRenderer to AMD graphics chips. Nvidia products have been supported since version 67 and 77 respectively.

With Pocket, Mozilla gives users the ability to store content such as blogs, news sites, or videos in one place for later access on other devices. The bookmark service also makes recommendations – from Firefox 79 also in Germany. Pocket can also be shown on the “New tab” page.

A total of ten security patches come with the update to Firefox 79. At most, the vulnerabilities pose a high risk. Among other things, the developers are eliminating several memory errors that may be suitable for injecting and executing malware. Gaps in components such as WebRTC, Extensions API and the iFrame sandbox have also been closed.

Firefox 79 is available for Windows, macOS and Linux. Users who already use the browser will receive the update automatically. It can also be downloaded from the Mozilla website.

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