Firefox 81: Mozilla integrates new PDF functions into its browser

The integrated PDF reader will support the completion of forms in the future. The developers are also redesigning the surface of the reader. Firefox 81 will likely be released on September 22nd.

Mozilla will improve the integrated PDF reader with version 81 of his Firefox browser. As Ghacks reports, the PDF function gets a revised interface. In addition, some PDF form functions will be available to users directly in the browser.

Firefox (Image: Mozilla)So far, the PDF reader in Firefox has been limited to displaying PDF documents. Interaction with forms is not possible – a PDF file must be opened and opened in a local PDF application.

As of Firefox 81, form filling is supported. According to the report, the modified documents can then be saved and also printed out. Support may be limited to AcroForm. It is not yet clear whether XFA forms can also be processed and is dependent on the progress in the coming weeks. Under certain circumstances, this function will only be introduced with an upcoming version of the browser.

In addition, the PDF reader will be able to display layers correctly in the future. This function is used to hide certain content in PDF documents. Without layer support, all layers are visible.

The changes to the user interface mainly relate to symbols that are now shown flat and larger. This should improve the operation on touch-enabled devices. According to Ghacks, the PDF viewer will also dispense with additional design elements such as textures, shadows and color gradients. Some animations are also removed so that the PDF reader is loaded faster. A light and a dark design are also planned.

According to the Firefox Release Calendar, Firefox 81 is currently available as a nightly version. On August 24, the release in the beta channel and as a developer edition is planned. The final version will follow on September 22nd.

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