Firefox introduces protection for redirect tracking

The new technology allows advertisers to track users across pages without storing third-party cookies. Firefox 79 therefore deletes their cookies every 24 hours. This does not include Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Twitter, among others.

Mozilla has also improved the extended tracking protection of its Firefox browser with version 79 released last week. He is now able to block a new tracking technique called redirect tracking.

Redirect tracking was developed by advertisers and analytics companies in response to Firefox’s anti-tracking features, Chrome, Brave and other browsers. It is primarily intended to prevent browsers from blocking the third-party cookies that are frequently used for tracking.

These cookies allow advertisers to store and retrieve information from different websites in the browser in order to ultimately track users across pages and to provide the same targeted advertising again and again.

With redirect tracking, advertisers redirect users who interact with an ad to one of their domains before they lead them to their actual goal – the advertised company or product. As a result, you can set your own first-party cookie.

Firefox cannot actually prevent the storage of these cookies. Instead, all cookies from known advertisers should be deleted after 24 hours at the latest. This gives users a new identity for the advertiser every 24 hours.

Redirect Tracking protection is currently limited to Enhanced Tracking Protection 2.0, which in turn is only active in Firefox 79. In the coming weeks, however, all Firefox users should receive the new version of the extended tracking protection.

However, the new protection against redirect tracking is not applied to all known advertisers. Mozilla cited as an example Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Twitter. Deleting their first-party cookies would mean that users would have to log in to these services again every 24 hours. Firefox will therefore only automatically remove your cookies every 45 days.

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