Firefox Send, temporarily closed to prevent malware distribution

Mozilla has temporarily closed Firefox send, the secure and private online file sharing service to launch in 2019 after a couple of years of testing. The reason, the abuse of it by malware distributors.

They tell it on ZDNet: how to contact Mozilla to ask them about the increase in the use of Firefox Send to carry out operations related to malware, the company has decided to suspend it while they “improve the product”, as you can read on the official page.

From what they explain, it is from the end of last year when a increasing use of Firefox Send by the ‘malware community’, in order to share all kinds of fraudulent files with their targets through email messages.

They denounce that “in recent months, Firefox Send has been used to store payloads for all types of cybercrime operations, from ransomware to financial crimes, from banking Trojans to spyware used to attack human rights defenders.”

All these gangs used the very nature of Firefox Send to camouflage their attacks, since it is a service with end-to-end encryption, in which what is shared is a link from which to download the file in question. That is, until you have downloaded it, you do not know what it contains.

“We will temporarily suspend Firefox Send while we make improvements to the product. Before relaunching it, we will add an abuse reporting mechanism to augment the existing comment form and ask all users who want to share content using Firefox Send to start session with a Firefox account“Said Mozilla.

It seems that one of the pillars of the service, privacy, is going to have to be affected to improve the security of Firefox Send, and that is to stop these behaviors you need to have a means of control, although to create a Firefox account only an email address is required.

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