First halo infinite gameplay footage –

Halo Infinite’s first live demo starts with a bang as Master Chief Crash lands on a familiar planet. There’s a cutscene that plays with more drama and a big step for facial animation compared to previous games. Master Chief enters a larger environment than in previous Halo games. The open world design philosophy is a premiere for the series.

Microsoft says the world is a new halo ring we’ve never seen before. “Multiple times larger than our last two halo games combined. There are wildlife scurrying through the forested area, hostile camps scattered all over the place, and a wide variety of trails and directions to explore. Known Enemies from the series are present, with the expected visual upgrade from a major new title.

There is a non-linear approach to mission design where you can choose between different routes to your object. You can walk, ride the classic warthog and other vehicles, and even use the brand new grapple to pull yourself up on vertical surfaces or approach enemies.

We can’t help but feel like there’s an element of Breath of the Wild inspiration here that looks like they had the classic corridor shooter design of previous Halo games in an open- World structure translated. We’ll have to wait for more details on how the world is structured exactly and how the game will evolve, but this first taste is quite intriguing.

This first gameplay demo was shown as part of Microsoft’s storefront for upcoming Xbox Series X games. However, in addition to the existing Xbox One consoles, it will also be available on the PC. It runs at 60 fps on Xbox Series X on Xbox Series X, but we have to wait a while before we can figure out how it works on gaming PCs. There’s a bit of pop-in for certain distant objects, but for the most part, it has a fantastic visual presentation.

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