first lamp without blue light

Although recently there have been studies that affirm that blue light does generate sleep in humans because we associate it with post-sunset light and that we associate yellow light with the Sun and daylight, the majority of studies and the general consensus is that blue light is harmful to eyesight (retina and the eye in general) and does not help to fall asleep by inhibiting the secretion of melatonin, necessary for sleep. Therefore, it is important to have lamps that filter this type of light.

First lamp without blue light

The lamp has been developed by a team of academics from the Chinese Academy of Sciences at Nanchang University. The lamp uses a blue led light High efficiency as the main light, and also uses a red LED to offer a free blue light. Thus, we see that the system is different from that used by other Xiaomi lamps and bulbs, where they apply a blue light filter instead of completely eliminating their presence.

The result is a completely yellow light without any trace of blue light, with 360ยบ lighting for the entire room and a temperature between 1,700 and 1,900 Kelvin; much warmer than that of a sunrise. The light is so soft that you can even look directly at it with no eyesight, and it is safe for children.

The lamp can also be paired with the Xiaomi app to listen to music and use it as an alarm, since it includes a speaker at the bottom. It can also be used as a voice assistant, and is therefore an ideal device to put next to the bed. To control it, we can use the mobile application or the touch buttons that it includes.

The Xiaomi Mi Zero Blue Light Bedside Night Lamp It began its crowdfunding in China last May, and this week it has already been put on sale. Its price is 329 yuan, about 40 euros To the change. It will not take long to put on sale in various export stores.

Xiaomi new chargers and coffee maker

Yesterday, Xiaomi also released two new fast charging chargers. The 33W model costs 69 yuan (9 euros), and the 22.5W model costs only 39 yuan (5 euros).

They also launched a new capsule coffee maker, which had leaked a few days ago. Is Mijia Capsule Coffee Machine It has a pressure of up to 20 bars, and is capable of remembering the volume of the cup we use, in addition to being able to use various types of capsules. Its price is 399 yuan, about 58 euros, although it can be purchased for 349 yuan at launch, about 44 euros.

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