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first pack now available to download

by Tejas Dhawan

Animated Telegram stickers are one of the best functions of the app, with a multitude of packs that we can download for free. Now, from the versions Android beta and IOS beta, we can see and download the animated packs. Some previous versions of the beta channel can also receive the function remotely, but to make sure it is better to have the latest version installed.

Playful Plyomaru: this is the first pack of animated stickers

The function of animated stickers is divided into three parts. The first is the possibility to view the stickers, save them and send them. The second is the possibility of importing animated stickers from third parties. The third possibility is to download animated sticker packs from the WhatsApp Store which is implemented in the app.

Thus, the possibility of “seeing” the stickers has been implemented for a few weeks. The one that has been launched today is the third, with which we can import, download and implement any pack we want. And for this, WhatsApp has launched the first pack of animated stickers called Playful Plyomaru, available in the add stickers section in «All stickers».

The movement of the stickers leaves a lot to be desired, since they work 15-20 FPS, unlike those of Telegram that work up to 60, with a minimum of 30, so they look much more fluid and natural, with more realistic animations.

In addition, the option for the stickers to be played in a loop has also been enabled, since previous versions only played once and already stopped. So, keep in mind that those who send you the animated stickers may not see them moving, and may only see them static like the previous ones.

Soon you will be able to import animated stickers from other apps

It is expected that a new stable version will be released in the coming days so that the option reaches all users. If you install the latest beta and the new pack of stickers does not appear, you will probably have to wait a few hours or a few days for it to be available. Another option is to make a backup of the chats and reinstall the application, since doing so downloads the latest configuration from WhatsApp servers, thus activating all the latest that they have released for the app.

Later, WhatsApp will implement the option to import animated stickers from Telegram and other apps, although we still don’t know how the import system will work. We also do not know at the moment how users can create animated stickers on WhatsApp.

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