First photo of the PS5 game box, and rumors of backwards compatibility

The first box we have seen is the game box Spider-Man: Miles Morales, which was the first to be shown at the conference a few weeks ago where we finally got to know the design of the console. This box will be same as PS4, where the plastic itself will remain blue.

A change that can be seen with the naked eye is that the upper part no longer has a blue background with white letters, but now the background becomes white and black PS5 letters, fitting better with the design of the console. On the side the PS5 logo is also black with a white background, giving a kind of feeling that it is unfinished, since the PS4 ones were much more elaborate.

First real photo of the DualSense

This is not the only news of the last few hours on PS5, since what would be the first real photo of the DualSense has also been leaked. As we see in that image, the remote seems huge, although the perspective and the focal length when taking the photo can also be deceiving. The photo, originated in Resetera, has been made in a similar way with the DualShock 4, and you can see that the size is very similar.

Also, when the first photo of the controller was published, we made a comparison in which we scaled the DualSense with the DualShock 4 exactly the same based on the size of the joysticks, and we can see that the size will not vary too much between one controller and the other. As a comparison, we will leave the following image where we can see both overlaps, and we also leave the two photos for you to compare. The bottom grips are longer, and it also gains some volume on top, but the width is the same. Having a slightly more rounded design brings you slightly closer to the Xbox Series X controller.

PS5 backward compatibility: new rumors

Finally, a Sony patent in Japan would have revealed that the company is working on PS5 backward compatibility with PS1, PS2 and PS3, where games could be stored in the cloud and played on virtual machines that emulate the original consoles. The patent also details that the games could come with small demos that could be played before purchasing the games. The problem is that it seems that the original games that we have from those consoles could not be used.

Like everything, this is a simple patent, and Sony may finally decide not to include any of it in the console, but they can always update it in the form of a new firmware version.

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