First real photos of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Once again we see that, as the launch date of a new mobile phone approaches, especially if it is a highly anticipated one, the leaks are shot as well as the images of the first prototypes in real life.

This is what has happened with the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, a mobile that is sure to be put on sale in Spain and of which until now we had not seen real photographs.

And yes, we say so far because they have been published in Twitter four photographs of one of the final prototypes of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

This is the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra in black color

As you can see in the photographs, this time the color of the model is quite elegant black, although not as striking as the bronze color that had been filtered through press images on the Samsung Russia page.

The second image shows perfectly the photographic set, which integrates a periscope zoom. It is the first sensor starting at the bottom, and is characterized by having a square shape, due to the prism, instead of a circular one.

First time we also see photographs of the front, although only of the upper area. In the first shot we see how the hole in the screen is slightly smaller than in previous models. And yes, it only has a front camera located in the central part.

It also seems that the frames have been reduced compared to the Galaxy Note 10, something that is also seen in the last of the photos, where we see the curvature of the screen.

Again it seems that Samsung has chosen not to be so radical when it comes to molding its panels, the same thing that we saw in the Galaxy S20 and that many have liked. It is still a curved screen but extremely subtle in shape.

If nothing changes, these phones will be announced on August 5 and approximately two weeks later they will go on sale in many countries, among which we hope Spain will be. Will come with Android 10 and One Ui 2.5.

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