Fix content problems on Kindle

There may be a series of common problems such as you do not have Internet, you do not have the latest version of the software or simply that the format of your book does not be compatible with the Kindle and you have not taken it into account. In those cases, we explain step by step what you should do and what you should try.


If it doesn’t appear automatically, be sure to update. To update the Kindle you just have to go to the e-book menu, access Settings and from there you can touch on the option that index Sync my Kindle O well Discover and sync content. After a few seconds check if it has been updated.

Sync Kindle


It can be something basic or simple that seems to us to be useless but it is always the first step. To restart the Kindle you must hold down the power button for about forty seconds and the screen will go blank. Release the button. Also in more current models of the Amazon device you will have to hold down the power button and you will automatically get a menu with the option to restart. Tap on it and wait for it to come back on. Perhaps now the available book does appear on the list.

Format error

The first thing to consider is the format of the Amazon e-book reader. Perhaps you have bought an ebook in another online store or if you have downloaded it or even if you have created it yourself. You may encounter errors in sync, filters, etc. If there are possible failures, an error when opening the ebook or your book does not appear on your Kindle, we review what the solutions may be.

As we say, the first thing to keep in mind is that the format of the book you want to synchronize or read must be compatible with those supported by the Amazon reader. All of them, whatever the Kindle model you have, are compatible with AZW3, AZW, TXT, PDF, MOBI, HTML, DOC and DOCX, JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG or PRC. You need your book to be in one of these formats to be able to read it.

If it is not compatible, it has a solution. You do not have to delete the book and pay for it again, you just have to change the format with the specialized software Caliber, totally free and compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux. All you have to do is download it from its website, follow the installation instructions and add the book to the library. Choose your Kindle model from the device will automatically convert it to the recommended format and you can transfer it.

  • Open Caliber on your computer
  • During installation, you will be asked what is your e-reader model
  • Choose it from the available list
  • Choose an empty folder on your computer where you will add books
  • Tap on “Add books” and choose the file you want to send to the Kindle
  • Tap on “Convert books” on top of Caliber
  • Choose the output format you want it to have In the case of Amazon it is recommended that you choose the format to be AZW3
  • Press the “Accept” button

It will already be in a compatible format and ready for you to send it by email or with the USB cable to the Kindle. Try to see if it works now and if everything has been solved.

Internet connection

Another problem or error for which your book does not appear on your Kindle may be because it is not connected to the Internet. Make sure that the WiFi is connected correctly and that you do not have any mode, such as flight mode or airplane mode, activated. You can try adding a WiFi network to the ereader again:

  • Turn on the e-book
  • Choose the menu icon on the home screen
  • Select the Settings option
  • Tap on “WiFi and Bluetooth” or in “Wireless connections”
  • Choose the option “Wi-Fi networks” and it will detect which networks are available
  • Choose the one you want and enter the corresponding password
  • After a few seconds it will confirm that it has been connected

Kindle WiFi Networks

You can also try to access Settings and from here access the Flight Mode. Make sure it is removed so that the WiFI works and the book can sync.

Update the software

Usually Amazon sends automatic updates that are downloaded and installed whenever the device is connected to a WiFi network and without you having to do anything, but it is possible that you have not updated it or that your version is obsolete. In that case, go to Amazon’s specialized page for Kindle e-reader software updates and look for the model you have along with the exact generation.

Doesn't read Kindle Update

The first thing you have to to do is to identify which model you have. In January, you can check the website Identify the Kindle e-reader that Amazon makes available to readers so that they know which one is theirs thanks to the design in the photographs and the functions. Once you have it identified, you can search for the software you want.

Identify Kindle

Find the model and generation in the list and tap on “download the software update”. connect the book to the computer via USB cable and you can copy the update from your computer to the Kindle storage with this cable. So you can update it manually if it has not been done automatically. In addition, you do not need to have WiFi connected so you can do it at any time.

Check the payment method -1Click

If you have bought the new book on Amazon you do not have to have formatting problems or any other inconvenience but according to the company itself one of the solutions is to check that you have updated the 1-Click payment method so that when you buy it is done automatically and the book is transferred to your device. Check this by editing your Kindle payment settings. Follow these steps:

  • Go to the Amazon website
  • Tap on your profile, in Account and lists
  • Look for the option “Manage content and devices”
  • Tap on “Preferences”
  • Look for the option “1-Click Payment Method”
  • Click on the edit button
  • Choose an address that you have registered for billing
  • Select a payment method that you already have or choose another
  • Confirm to complete the process

Try sending it by email

If you have tried to send it with a cable it may be damaged but another solution is to try to send it by email as long as you have that file or book downloaded. Amazon has an email account associated with your Kindle to which you can send books directly without the need for cables. The condition is that you can send a maximum of 25 documents in the same email and that you can send it from a maximum of 15 different addresses that you must previously authorize from Amazon. And that the file you send is a maximum of 50 MB. But it is useful and recommended.

The first thing you have to do is add your address as authorized. You will only have to do it once so that the rest of the times you can use it:

  • Go to Amazon
  • Look for the option “Manage my apps and devices”
  • Open the Preferences section and from there go to “Personal Document Settings”
  • Tap the option “List of authorized email addresses for sending personal documents”
  • Add a new email address that you use regularly

Add email

Once you have it, you can find your own email or change it to easily remember it and you can use Outlook or Gmail or any other email program to send it. Go to “Configuration of personal documents” following the steps above and you will see your email address. You can copy or modify it.

Add Kindle Address

It has to be whatever you want, using a combination of uppercase or lowercase letters or numbers. Once the destination and sender emails are registered, you can try to send the book through this method if the others do not work. Of course, keep in mind that for the Kindle to sync it must be connected to the Internet.

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