Flopped Lego show returns to RTL

Over two million stones, nerve-wracking challenges and highly motivated building talents. This is what the show “Lego Masters 2020” promises. In September RTL made a second attempt with the show.

“Lego Masters” is about creating extraordinary creations from the famous colorful building blocks. Six teams of two compete against each other in various challenges and face the increasingly demanding tasks. The “Brickmaster” René Hoffmeister will then assess how the candidates withstood the extreme conditions and evaluate the result. In each episode, a team has to leave the show. The winners may then adorn themselves with the title “Lego Masters”. Hoffmeister is Germany’s only officially certified Lego expert. The program ran once on RTL in 2018. Back then on Sundays, with Oliver Geissen as moderator and with moderate success.

The new primetime season is now moderated by Daniel Hartwich. He explains in the RTL interview that it will be difficult for the candidates to come up with something out of nothing. “It has nothing to do with getting a certain construction set and putting everything together according to the instructions. They have to design their works completely freely and implement them with what is there – with us ’only’ about two million parts. Of course, this should be as spectacular and impressive as possible. And that takes a whole range of skills to be really good. Creativity and imagination, but of course also the manual ability to implement that, ”said the moderator.

For the winners, RTL lets a handsome sum of 25,000 euros jump into prize money. Internationally, the format is already quite a success. In Australia, the finale of the first season even reached 50 percent market share among the general public, as RTL reports. The German offshoot could hardly assert itself in the TV program two years ago with its ratings. The first of the four episodes of the new season will be shown on RTL on September 4th at 8:15 p.m.

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