"For heaven's sake": season 20 starts to shoot

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“For heaven’s sake” – it will be shot again. One of the most successful series in the first around Mayor Wolfgang Wöller and nun Hanna goes into the 20th season.

The series produced by ndF (neue deutsche Filmgesellschaft mbH) on behalf of MDR has been around since 2002. Filming for the 20th season of “For Heaven’s sake” has now started. For this, Fritz Wepper and Janina Hartwig have been in front of the camera again in 13 new episodes as nuns Hanna and Mayor Wöller since June 24th.

In the anniversary season, the Kaltenthal nuns are under enormous pressure, because the monastery threatens to come under the hammer again. This time Mayor Wöller is not considered as a buyer by the Auxiliary Bishop. But he urgently needs the monastery for a promising large-scale project with which he hopes to win the upcoming mayoral elections.

Emanuela von Frankenberg, Karin Gregorek, Denise M’Baye, Mareike Lindenmeyer, Nina Hoger, Andrea Sihler and Romina Küper will play alongside Janina Hartwig and Fritz Wepper. Also present are Barbara Wussow, Andrea Wildner, Wolfgang Böck, Wolfgang Müller, Lars Weström, Markus Hering, Jakob Geßner as well as Thomas Heinze, Helmfried von Lüttichau and Wolfgang Fierek. The film is shot in Landshut, Niederaichbach, Munich and the surrounding area.

That’s what season 20 is all about:

The Kaltenthaler nun Hanna (Janina Hartwig) and her fellow sisters are under enormous pressure. Superior Theodora (Nina Hoger) insists that the monastery works profitably so that the new Auxiliary Bishop Landkammer (Wolfgang Böck) has no excuse to get rid of it. The Magdalene Order needs every cent. The matron is delighted that Hanna is becoming famous with a monastery podcast about the position of women in the church. However, it fueled the still smoldering conflict between Hanna and the conservative Landkammer, which hopes to be appointed Bishop Rossbauer’s successor by the Pope.

Mayor Wolfgang Wöller (Fritz Wepper) faces a major challenge: he wants to run for the mayor election again, but his party friends first choose his assistant Alex Rauscher (Jakob Geßner) as the preferred candidate. Badly offended, Wöller goes into battle as a non-party. But his opponent will ultimately be different: a popular television host and advertising professional. The information that a large Chinese company is looking for a new, suitable location for an e-battery plant is very convenient for Wöller for the upcoming election campaign. There is even a suggestion that there could be a lithium deposit in Kaltenthal, but exactly under the monastery forest – and so the fight for Kaltenthal goes into the 20th round.

“For heaven’s sake” runs every Tuesday at 8.15 p.m. in the first. The last episode of season 19 aired on April 14.

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  • heavenly will: obs / ARD Das Erste / Barbara Bauriedl

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