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The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 was presented in the middle of last June. The new wearable has been on sale in China since then, in its two variants, with or without NFC. Meanwhile, in Spain we are still waiting for the announcement of the global launch of the bracelet, which will put it on sale in our country. But before that happens, the My Band 5 has appeared on Amazon where it can be purchased right now.

The Mi Band is a very popular product and we must always be careful when we buy it outside the official channels of Xiaomi. This is further accentuated when a new model, in this case the My Band 5 has not reached our market. We have already seen scam attempts with clonal bracelets on other occasions, so if we are in a hurry to get hold of the bracelet before the version arrives for our market, care must be maximum.

The most expensive Mi Band 5 in the world

Amazon is one of the portals where the Xiaomi Mi Band are sold incessantly. It is one of the best sales channels for Xiaomi but occasionally we find suspicious ads that are good to alert. In this case we see that the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 has already appeared on Amazon, but at too high a price that it will not be the one that it has when Xiaomi puts it on sale in euros.

My Band 5 face on Amazon

Doubtful seller

We see that the wearable has a price of 62.99 euros, practically doubling the price that possibly comes out in our country. In addition, when looking at the seller’s details, we see that the bracelet is shipped by “kemite electronics store.” It has a poor reputation and only two comments (one of them negative). Also, we see that shipping would arrive between August 14 and 25, another reason to run away from this ad.

Mi Band 5 colors

When does it officially arrive?

Therefore, it is more than preferable to wait for the official arrival of the bracelet, before encountering any unpleasant surprise. It is believed that Xiaomi could announce the global version of the Mi Band 5 during the present month of July, date on which it could also be put up for sale. In addition, in recent days the possible arrival of a Mi Band 5 Pro, or even a Mi Band 4C, which could be the European version of the Redmi Band, is gaining strength. Meanwhile, we can take a look at the changes between the Mi Band 5 and the previous generation, to decide whether it is worth the change.

Written by David Girao

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