Formula 1 on YouTube: The sensation is perfect

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It is a real premiere: Formula 1 will for the first time show a race on YouTube in a live stream – free of charge and in full length. After RTL’s planned exit, Formula 1 could find a new home on the Internet. However, there is a small catch.

Formula 1 on YouTube: Free streams announced

The Formula 1 channel on YouTube will soon no longer just show highlights and news, but also full-length races. The Grand Prix of the Eifel is broadcast live on YouTube as a test, like Google Germany most officially has confirmed. The race at the Nürburgring will be shown on October 11, 2020 – but not around the world. Apparently the license was only sufficient for seven European countries. Germany is there, as are Switzerland and the Netherlands.

In addition to the Grand Prix of the Eifel, there will also be pre-reporting and a subsequent analysis with highlights. It remains unclear in which language and by whom the race is commented. We will only find out in October whether there will be a single comment in English or whether each country allows its own commentators.

It is the first race (legally) to be shown in full length on YouTube. Twitch had previously had a similar pilot project when the 2019 Mexico Grand Prix was streamed. In particular, the target group of under 35-year-olds should be won over by Formula 1 with live streams. The chances are not bad that further races will later be shown live on YouTube.

Formula 1 on YouTube: RTL gets out

German fans of Formula 1 should be particularly happy about the live stream on YouTube. In June it became known that RTL would say goodbye to the PS circus after 30 years and would rather bet on football instead. Recently, the quotas dropped so much that the financial effort would no longer be worthwhile.

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Regarding the reasons for the withdrawal, RTL said: “The competition for TV rights has changed, the market has overheated in some cases and thus left the ambitious, yet economically justifiable framework that we have set ourselves”.

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