Fortnite banned from Apple's App Store why?

Not so long ago that Epic put its famous Battle Royale in the stores of those of Cupertino and Mountain View, precisely because it did not agree to the conditions imposed by both companies regarding the commissions that the two charge both for selling apps and games, as well as the services and items that can be purchased through micropayments. Approximately 30% of each transaction stays in the coffers of Google or Apple – that’s 3 euros out of 10 – and of course, this is something that developers don’t particularly like.

What is it that Fortnite has released that has caused its expulsion?

Specifically, the element that has come to the Epic game is a system that is for both the PC version and for iOS and Android, it is its new system Epic Direct Payment. In it you can buy, for example, 1000 V-Bucks, to later spend on game elements, which cost 9.99 euros, in the usual way using the systems of the Apple and Google stores, but if we use this alternative, both with A credit card as with a PayPal account, gives us a discount and those same 1000 V-Bucks cost 7.99 euros.

And it is not a specific action or a promotion, it is a permanent discount of 20% that Epic has justified by saying that by proposing a means of payment in which there is no commission to pay to any store, they do not have to load it to the user. A very clever move that leaves Apple and Google in a bad place and like “nickels”, if you make the same decision on Google Play, despite the fact that both have reason on their part to act in the way that they have already done. from Cupertino.

Was it something that Epic did on purpose?

It is clear that none of these companies moves without knowing what they are doing. The lies and rumors already suggest that just the 10% that is missing to reach 30% of the commission is what is at stake and what Epic wants to negotiate with Apple. The owners of Fortnite know of the bargaining power they have given the millions of users who use their game and, in an intelligent way, they have left the ball in the field of Apple, which has acted ex officio, on the other hand with all of the law, expelling Fortnite for breach of the rules it imposes to be in its marketplace.

Will there be an agreement? Will the waters return to their course? Who will give in, Apple or Epic? The truth is that it is not very clear what is going to happen, so a scenario arises, at least, interesting and, perhaps, Epic is the advance party of a revolution that is joined by more developers tired of excessive royalties than the two tech giants charge them.

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