Fortnite is still available to download on your Samsung Galaxy mobile


The one that Epic Games has bundled in less than 24 hours. A decision by the developer of the trendy game has ended up causing both Apple and Google to remove Fortnite from their respective app stores, App Store and Play Store. however, the game is still available on the Galaxy Store, Samsung’s mobile app store.

Epic Games attempted to circumvent in-app purchase rules on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store last night. Instead of using officially licensed systems, the company rolled out an update that allowed users to pay Epic directly for Fortnite game content without having to go through the services of the two big American companies.


As another hope, this has not pleased the technology giants at all, which is why both Apple and Google expelled Fortnite from their application stores. This unleashed a war on social networks between users in favor of Epic Games and Fortnite who requested the return of the application to the Play and App Store.

Buy download Fortnite on Samsung mobiles

However, despite disappearing from the main app stores, the game is still available to Samsung users through the Galaxy Store, the Korean store’s app store. If you have a Fortnite-compatible phone from the brand, you can still install the Epic Games app from the Galaxy Store and search for the game to install.

fortnite Epic Games

Here you find the same game that until 24 hours ago you could download without problems from the Play Store. Fortnite is 8.2 GB in size but it has a peculiarity: if you try to buy something in-game, the error “The product does not exist in this store” appears. In-app purchases are, as we’ve said, to blame for Fortnite’s removal from the Play Store and App Store, so right now we don’t know if and when Epic Games plans to fix this bug.

Let us remember that the symbiosis between Epic Games and Samsung It is special because the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was the first Android mobile where we could test the game. Since then the developer has not stopped offering content and Exclusive Fortnite benefits for Samsung customers, like emotes, skins and turkeys.

If you don’t have a Samsung mobile, you can still download the game’s APK file from the Epic Games website and install Fortnite manually, with the risk of downloading and installing apps from external sites.

Written by Miguel Martinez

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