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In the latest Forza Monthly Stream, a regular series that highlights everything that happens to Microsoft’s racing sim franchise, Creative Director gave Chris Esaki an update on the development of the upcoming franchise restart.

He says Turn 10 completed all of the work after Forza Motorsport 7 started last August. Since then, they have been working with the team that develops the Xbox Series X and then pre-produces the new title of the series. Over the past year, they have worked a lot on the basics of the game, “Technology, Tools, Physics, and AI”, and have further developed their process to prepare them for the next entry in the series.

They did a lot of work to produce cars and tracks much faster and in more detail. Esaki says:

“All of our tools and technologies really help us to upgrade to high-end PCs and things like Xbox Series X, but also to support low-end PCs.”

In terms of the goals of this restart, it is said to be a restart of the series that will return to its roots and still appeal to new players.

“It was 15 years ago that the original Forza Motorsport came out. The beginning of this franchise brought an incredible new life to the motorsport genre. Similarly, we are returning to the roots of Forza Motorsport’s redesign that made Forza Motorsport great and combining it with a number of new game concepts designed to welcome a new generation of motorsport fans to our community. “

The final details of the exact graphics the game will offer will have to wait for release, but we’ve heard that they will implement raytracing in the game.

“Ray tracing comes to ForzaTech, the engine that powers Forza Motorsport and Forza Horizon. One of the things we discovered when raytracing was turned on: the good, the bad and the ugly were expressed in our technology. For example, on cars, you turn on ray tracing, and there are a lot of real sharp edges and occlusion things that don’t work well. Ray tracing technology has uncovered some of the problems we had when creating or rendering the content. Not only is ray tracing coming to ForzaTech, it’s also a host of other technologies, how we improve the car models, how we improve the route, environment and character visuals to make everything beautiful and really pop in the scene . “

Sounds like Turn 10 is betting on this restart of the series. On the PC, Turn 10 released both the demo version of Forza Motorsport 6 with the name “Apex Edition” and the full version of Forza Motorsport 7. Both are technically solid ports that have done an admirable job of enhancing the gaming console experience. This time, they will drive graphics and other technologies as they transition to a new generation of consoles, and high-end gaming PCs should also benefit from these advances. PC users with high-end rigs and top-end GPUs can look forward to a graphical storefront when this game comes out sometime in the future. You haven’t set a release date yet, but we’ll let you know when we hear about it.

For more information, see the entire stream:

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