We just met a new rumor about Apple’s first AR glasses. And this time it doesn’t come from the filters we all know, like Prosser or Kuo. This new “tip-off” comes directly from the company’s first product provider, Foxconn.

It appears that a production line has been set up at one of the company’s plants to assemble a batch of units for the prototype of future Apple glass. Let’s see what else they have said in the report.

The information has just published a report explaining that Foxconn A small test production of semi-transparent and polarized AR lenses has begun, which could perfectly be the prototype of future Apple Glass.

The report explains that these glasses are in the advanced prototyping phase, but that they may still take a year or two to go into production on a large scale. They have begun manufacturing at a Foxconn plant in Chengdu, southwest China. Most Apple iPads are manufactured in these facilities.

It also says that Apple bought a couple of years ago Akonia Holographics. Founded in 2012, it specializes in holographic data storage, and the development of augmented reality headsets.

Finally, the report gives some information about these glasses. Explain what they are “Slightly” larger than conventional glasses. We will see in the future how that “slightly” remains.

Jon Prosser It has been giving the rod for a while with its leaks on future Apple AR glasses. He said that they will incorporate a LIDAR sensor, and that they will show information on the inside of the lenses. He also jumped into the pool with the price: US $ 499 I really believe that today’s leak is more than the good of Jon. The only thing we can assure is that there will be glasses. When the river sounds….