Frankfurt wants to host TikTok's European headquarters

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Frankfurt is hoping for opportunities in the race for the new European headquarters of the controversial video platform Tiktok. A spokesman for the city confirmed on Wednesday that Mayor Peter Feldmann (SPD) had invited the company’s board of directors for talks.

But there is not yet an appointment. Feldmann had previously sent a letter to the Tiktok operator ByteDance after it became known that the Chinese were planning a new European headquarters. First the “Journal Frankfurt” and the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” (FAZ) reported on the city’s interest.

“Frankfurt is an ideal location for IT companies and, from my point of view, especially for the company’s international headquarters”, Feldmann was quoted as saying. The world’s largest Internet node DE-CIX, large computing capacities, the city’s central location in Europe and good relations with China speak for Frankfurt, said Feldmann.

Several cities, including Dublin and London, which are considered favorites according to the FAZ, are wrestling around Tiktok’s European headquarters. In Germany, ByteDance already has a branch in Berlin. A spokeswoman for ByteDance told the “Journal Frankfurt” that they were pleased about the interest from Frankfurt, but could not yet comment on a potential location.

Tiktok is the international platform of the Chinese company ByteDance, which operates the censored version Douyin in China. The video platform is popular with young people, but has been criticized for privacy concerns and controls by Chinese authorities.

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