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Games in which the skill has to be used instead of the actions to hit or shoot are the ones that many users like. One of those who we think you should not miss this summer is Jungle Final Run. This is a job in which choosing the right moment to execute an action is key, and it has the great virtue of being for all audiences since it does not have a bit of violence.

Development is what you have a protagonist with whom you must overcome all the obstacles on the road at full speed. Thus, it should be from turning to jumping or bending to not be hit by stones or trees. For this reason, and because Jungle Final Run does not tell a story that has to be continued until the end, we talk about a job that can be considered as casual ideal therefore to use it at the bus stop or while waiting for the friends you have met to arrive.

Aesthetically this Android game is quite attractive, better than you can expect at first. The three-dimensional creations are more than correct, without serious flaws in the finish. And, all this, without this title being especially existing in what has to do with hardware as with devices with 2 GB of RAM We have found that it works well enough for you to fully enjoy your possibilities. It is true that the loading times are somewhat long, but this is something specific that has no impact on the experience of use.

Simple controls and easy to play

The management of the actions that are done in Jungle Final Run are carried out through the movement of the own smartphone or tablet, since the gyroscope is used for it, and the response that we have verified that the work has is very good. In addition, taking advantage of the touch screen, and through the use of gestures, it is possible to jump, bend over or make turns of ninety degrees. In a matter of two or three minutes it is very clear how to run everything so that the game does not end in a matter of seconds.

A detail to keep in mind is that the work is not translated, but the importance of the texts is practically non-existent, so this is not a serious problem for anyone. The case is that this is one of those games that because of how simple everything is, can be installed even on the devices of the smallest of the house.

Options offered by Jungle Final Run

Well, the objective of the game is to go as far as possible by taking the appropriate actions for it and, also, collecting coins. These, in addition to serving to buy new content, have something else that is important: if the necessary ones are not obtained in a period of time (there is a section in the form of an icon in the upper left to know this), a type monster appears Harpy who grabs the adventurer and takes him away … to devour him. Otherwise, there are no big surprises other than learn exciting how is the answer and the way in which to achieve the objective of each section: distance and coins.

It is interesting to comment that it is possible to get new content, such as more different settings or new characters to use, for which you must have the money for it … and sometimes, you have to save a lot. For this reason there is a store that must be well controlled in case Jungle Final Run is an option in the children’s terminals. Be that as it may, this is a game that we liked and that we think is fun enough to give it a try.

Get Jungle Final Run

Getting this development is as simple as it is inexpensive both in the Galaxy Store and in the Play Store. The reason is that, at the moment, the Jungle Final Run game is free, so trying it has no complications and can be an excellent option to spend the summer. Without a doubt, a job that is worth carrying installed as it does not take up much on devices with the Android operating system.

Jungle Final Run Game Table

Download Jungle Final Run on the Galaxy Store

Written by Iván Martín

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