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WiFi connectivity has become essential on mobile devices, since with it you can take advantage of everything you need for Internet access without spending any of the data fee. Therefore, that the operation of this is the best possible becomes capital for all users. And, applications such as WiFi Booster, they want you to always be sure that you get the maximum.

This is a development that, nothing else that runs, it is clear that it has one of the great virtues that are sought in an app for the Android operating system: it is simple of using. The reason this is so is that the Interface user is very intuitive, since all the buttons are large and well placed. In addition, the start screen offers quite interesting information, which is always appreciated. But, unfortunately, WiFi Booster is not translated … which for some may be a problem despite the fact that the language dependency is very low.

The main function that it has, which is not the only one, is to scan the place where you are and detect the WiFi networks that are available. Then a list appears in which the options are seen with their name and also with the intensity that they have … and, sometimes, it is not the same that reflects the section of Android Settings (and in our tests, the reason is generally the development that we are talking about, which speaks well of its efficiency). In addition, if you click on the name of each of the existing possibilities, it is possible to see Additional data such as the type of encryption and the MAC. In other words, additional information is obtained.

Using the WiFi Booster app

As we have said, taking advantage of the available options is not at all complicated and, in addition, it is not necessary to have a particularly powerful terminal to get the most out of the app. With models you have 2 GB of RAM it is more than enough for the job to run without the slightest problem. Therefore, it can be said that the compatibility is perfect. Also, and this is important, we have not obtained any failure when using it, so the stability is also very positive.

The case is that by pressing the central button The initial interface starts the scan of all the WiFi networks of the place where you are and, gradually, you will appreciate those that are available with identifying data and that allows you to know very visually which one is worthwhile use (it is also seen very clearly if the network in question is public or has a password). Something to keep in mind is that cannot set custom parametersTherefore, these types of functions are not the objective of WiFi Booster.

Additional development options

One of the important ones is that it is possible to establish some possibilities of setting to adapt both the network recognition and the display of the displayed list (this is just an example). In addition, there is also an option in development that scan apps They are open and can be closed because they are not necessary for the proper functioning of the smartphone or tablet. This, in addition, accelerates the detection of WiFi and additionally also allows the work of the terminal in question to be much better.

Get WiFi Booster

If you want to give this development a free opportunity, which makes it more attractive, you can get hold of it right now in a friendly way in the Galaxy Store. With a correct operation and certain improvements that are achieved with its use, the truth is that it is not a bad idea to have it installed to optimize the use of wireless connectivity offered by Android smartphones and keyboards.

WiFi Booster application table

Download the WiFi Booster app now on the Galaxy Store

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