free bar of paid apps and games for less than 5 euros per month

The Google Play subscription service arrives in Spain for 4.99 euros per month.

It’s been a while since the launch of Play Pass, the Google subscription service that offers access to hundreds of paid apps and games for Android in exchange for a fixed monthly or annual fee, and since then its catalog has not stopped growing. Now, Play Pass is now available in Spain.

It has been expected, but as announced by Google Spain, Play pass lands in Spain with its careful selection of applications and games premium for Android, to a price less than 5 euros per month.

Google Play Pass

Google Play Pass is already in Spain

You can try a month of Google Play Pass totally free

As we already knew since Google announced this program, Play Pass is a service granting access to hundreds of apps and games of payment no ads, shopping in-app or any type of subsequent payment, in exchange for a subscription that in Spain is offered to a price of 4.99 euros per monthor 29.99 euros a year thanks to the new plan introduced today, which represents significant savings compared to the annual plan.

Among the huge catalog of Play Pass, formed by more than 300 applications and games of all kinds, we find popular applications like Photo Studio Pro, Moon + Reader Pro, TouchRetouch, jetAudio HD Music Player Plus – one of the best music players for Android – and many others; as well as games of the level of Space Marshals, LIMBO, Chameleon Run, Monument Valley or Reigns.

All the games and apps included in the Play Pass can be enjoyed without ads or in-app payments.

Of course, new titles will be introduced to the Play Pass catalog over time, and in this sense the company announces that at the end of this year as Rogue’s Bright Paw and The Label’s Line Weight. The arrival of new content will occur, as a general rule, every month.

All those who decide to subscribe to Play Pass, will have a new tab in the Google Play app that will allow them to access the catalog of apps and games included in the service. In addition, they will see the Play Pass icon next to the applications that are part of this program, and therefore will be fully unlocked.

To subscribe to Play Pass, you only need to access the dedicated page of the Google Play Store and log in with our account, or access the lateral options menu of Google Play, and tap on “Play Pass”. Google offers a month of free trial so that it is possible to decide whether or not it is worth going through the box. Finally, it is necessary to mention that Play Pass subscription can be shared with other members of our family –Up to 5 of them– through the Google Play Family Library, so that each of them has their individual catalog of downloaded apps and games.

In addition to Spain, Google Play Pass today celebrates its landing in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

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