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As we have already highlighted, month fifteen of gifts with Requetemartes de Yoigo, in which they have delivered 65,000 discount codes of 15 euros in Privalia, 30,000 discount codes of 15 euros in Privalia, free gasoline for more than 25,000 customers, 10,000 free movie tickets, 15,000 films on Rakuten TV, 10,000 sunglasses, 12,000 Telepizza pizzas, 20,000 hair loss treatments, 10,000 Next Smart Car devices with a SIM card that includes 3GB of data, 40 euros free with Rumbo, Diesel Premium Evologic at 1 euro per liter or 40,000 free codes Busuu and Papumba.

How to get Flamingo sunglasses

At the Yoigo Requetemartes of July 2020 we have a gift of Flamingo sunglasses, valued at 40 euros, which we can pick up at any operator’s store. In total, there will be 10,000 free glasses to be delivered and we have a little more than a day of promotion to get it.

In order to get the gift we must access from the custom link that we will find in the email or SMS that they have sent us. If we do not receive commercial communications from the operator, we can also access it from the Promotions section of the My Yoigo client area.

Requetemartes Yoigo

We can get the Flamingo glasses at the Yoigo store from Tuesday, July 28 at 10:00 a.m. to Wednesday July 29, 2020 at 11:59 p.m.. This term will end early if the 10,000 gift codes we have available on this occasion run out.

Yoigo has been carrying out this type of special promotions for its customers for more than a year, in which it has had the collaboration of companies such as Galp or Telepizza. In fact, one of the products that were offered free in one of the Requetemartes is now offered within the operator’s catalog. In this case, we are talking about the Next Smart Car device with a SIM card that includes 3GB of data to connect the car to the Internet.

They have also launched a contest on the social network Twitter to give away more Flamingo sunglasses. We leave you the link just above this paragraph.

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