Free print your photos with HP Instant Ink: how to do it?

You get home and start looking at your favorite photos. There are many, and at that time you think it would be great to be able to print all the ones you like for free. There’s nothing wrong with dreaming a little bit, is there? But what if I told you that you are not dreaming, that you can print your favorite photos without having to spend a penny on ink? It is not magic, it is HP Instant Ink.

When you first sign up for HP Instant Ink you can choose from a total of five different plans, and one of them allows you to print up to 15 pages a month for free, and without any obligation. Yes, you can print 15 of your favorite photos per month without paying anything. Do you know a little? Think they are 180 photos a year, and now tell me, How many photos do you print per year currently? I am sure that most of our readers print less than that figure for the cost of ink. Well, with HP Instant Ink you can forget about this problem.

The free printing plan allows you to print 15 pages a month for free, but if at any time you need to print more pages, nothing happens, you can buy packs of 10 additional pages for one euro. HP will notify you before you use up your 15 free pages, so you will not have anything to worry about, you will always be informed so that you do not have any problem.

free print

Free printing is fine, but what else does HP Instant Ink offer?

As our regular readers will know, we are talking about an automated and at-home ink replacement service, which means that when we register the printer check ink levels and order new cartridges before the ones we are using run out. Those new cartridges will reach us at home, and without shipping costs.

We will never have to worry about ink again, and we will not pay more for printing in color and with maximum quality. In HP Instant Ink each page has the same value, it does not matter if it is a plain text in black or a photo in full color in maximum quality, you can print with total freedom.

If at any time your printing needs change you can change your plan without problem. As you can see below the prices are very cheap, and you can move both upwards (to a higher plan) and downwards (to a lower plan). Remember, yes, that if you abandon the free plan you will not be able to return.

  • 15 pages a month for free, Free printing plan, which we can expand in packs of 10 pages for one euro.
  • 50 pages per month for 2.99 euros: occasional printing plan, which we can expand in packs of 10 pages for one euro.
  • 100 pages per month for 4.99 euros: moderate printing plan, which we can expand in packs of 15 pages for one euro.
  • 300 pages per month for 9.99 euros: frequent printing plan, which we can expand in packs of 20 pages for one euro.
  • 700 pages per month for 19.99 euros: professional printing plan, which we can expand in packs of 20 pages for one euro.

Printing for free, with professional quality and with total comfort, that is the value offered by the free HP Instant Ink plan, but we must also take sustainability into account, and that is that this service also includes a recycling program that It will allow you to recycle all the cartridges you spend at no cost.

Do you want to register? Well, enter this link and follow all the steps you will find. And if at any time you want to unsubscribe, don’t worry, You can do it in seconds through your HP account.

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